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July 11, 2008

Jaime Hayon Modern Sink

Gold_sink I've imagined myself bathing in Jaime Hayon's ArtQuitect tub from the moment I saw it.  Paired with his spare sink console and ironically flourished mirror, the tub becomes even more alluring, the perfect compliment to a well designed room.

It's not that I think Hayon lacks ingenuity, quite the opposite really, but I didn't think he could possibly do anything to make the ArtQuitect collection any better. Recently, though, he did just that.

Hayon jazzed up his sink mirror combo with an ultra luxurious material that oddly still allows the piece to look minimal and, if barely, restrained. He's covered the entire thing in 24 karat gold. (It's also available in platinum, or white, yellow or black.)

I hate to say it - this is really such a lavish display - but I love this sink and the whole collection, even more.

The pieces start at $6,000 and are available stateside at Hydrology.

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