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July 14, 2008

Modern Outdoor Chaise Lounge


Sun worshipers, you haven't been forgotten. I know, in the midst of melanoma warnings and ads for 70 SPF sunscreen as a daily measure, it's easy to feel a bit like a banished smoker.  But, provided you're well covered to limit the damage of the sun's rays, outdoor lounging is still one of the most preferred methods of relaxation. 

it ranks right up there with massage. So when Kami Gallaher introduced us to her product the Spa Cushion, we thought it made perfect sense.

Gallaher's combined the functional cushion used for massage with a modern color palette and outdoor-grade material, and placed it all atop a minimalist, stainless steel.

It solves the sun lover's age old problem of lying face down and retaining optimal comfort. The cushion splits so knees and face all are cradled and supported without strain. A good idea, and one enhanced by an equally well designed website. Unlike many (most?) high-end, niche products, the cushion and chaise are both available for easy online purchase.

The Lounge- $900
Cushion - $299

Both at Spa Cushion.

Rust_cushion_pillow_and_chaise Rust_model_crop

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