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July 21, 2008

Lighthouse in a Bottle

Lighthouse_group_2 "This oil lamp doesn't burn with just a little flame, it burns like a fantastic bonfire!" proclaims the designer Christian Bjørn. The form of the Lighthouse Oil lamps are inspired by the lighthouses along the coasts of Scandinavia. They excel in windy conditions and will not blow out like a normal lamp. Furthermore, the Lighthouse oil lamps have a unique filling system that makes it possible to fill the oil from above, so there's no need to take the lamp apart.

The Lighthouse Lamps are $74 each through A+R.


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Modern Lounge

Image003 The limited edition Ribbow chaise lounge was created by Hong Kong based designer Kitman Keung. The name Ribbow derives from the sensuous curves of a ribbon and the gradations of colour in a rainbow. Its robust metal skeleton is coated with luscious two tone yellow and purple felt, making the Ribbow visually unique from every angle.

Image004Made out of recycled wool, the material goes through an extensive treatment and dying procedure before being woven with a "Koza", a specialized tool that gives the velvet exceptional comfort and durability. Each Ribbow is handmade and assembled over five days with prodigious attention to detail.

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July 18, 2008

Fiber Optic Ceiling Light


Black Fiber 90 from Refer-Staer by Jakob Staer.

Black Fiber is inspired by the classical lamp shape with an exclusive futuristic touch. It is made from fiber optics and thus the light in the fibers are the sources of light. The transparent fibers create a sparkling and airy feeling. Black Fiber is available with or without a downlight in the center of lamp shade.

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Ha - Modern Cell Phone


Pinkycable_copyOK I love this and the serious photography makes it even better. The P*PHONE by HULGER is  hilarious and reassuring to those of us who fear the radiation death rays beaming from our cell phones into our brains. 

All this for $70 through GreenerGrass.

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Decor to Reach For

More modern door knobs and pulls than you can shake a stick at...

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July 17, 2008

A little bit can go a long way

We all want to keep our homes looking modern and edgy, but we don't always have the time, or funds, to spend on a full remodel.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your surroundings is with knobs and pulls. Check these out.



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Flower Power

The great thing about modern vases is that they often look great with a single bloom or just a sprig from a bright green house plant.  That's good for those of us who can't garden but still want some natural elements in the house. So don't be bashful about your not-so-green thumb - pull a leaf off the plant you brought home from a baby shower and get decorating. These three vases from Mooi have done the work for you...



From top to bottom: Ming $144; Sponge $228; Egg $146; All at Zwello.

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July 16, 2008

Twig from Ango

Well now, can you guess what the new Twig ceiling fixture from Ango reminds me of?


Let us know what you think by commenting below.


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Project Runway Season 5 Sneak Peek

Season 5 of "Project Runway" debuts tomorrow, but we have a sneak peek into the show today.

While contestants spent days hunched over sewing machines and making snarky comments about eachother, they spent their nights in the high-end Atlas New York in Midtown Manhattan.

Check it out...


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July 15, 2008

Resuscitating the modern house plant

I love plants, trees, shrubs, flowers -- but I can't keep 'em alive. Well, it's more like I can't remember to water them...

Apparently I'm not alone, seeing as Vitamin, a company who thrives on creating products a bit out of the ordinary, has come up with the I.V. The self-watering plant pot features a medical drip to dispense food and water as necessary.


Now I just have to remember to put the food and water into the drip bag.


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