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August 21, 2008

Modern Design for Characters


I love the design constructs for Met Home's show house this year.

Officially called the Metropolitan Home Showtime House, the place is divided up into rooms each inspired by a Series on Showtime.

There's a room for Weeds, Dexter, Californication, and a handful of others, and each was done by an of the moment design star like Vicente Wolf, Jaimie Drake, and Amy Lau.

While this may sound like your basic marketing ploy, created to sell magazines, increase viewers and convince the last hangers on that good design can change your life and, no, you are not qualified to decorate your own home, something much more artistic and worthwhile developed there.

The idea that rooms truly reflect a person is explored so fully that I can't stop thinking about what that vase in my dining room might be saying about me. Dexter's house reflects a secret life as does the living room on Weeds. A room inspired by The Tudors mixes period pieces with modern to give a sense of authenticity and place. An antique fireplace in the Californication room reminds us that everyone has a history.

The whole house is an in-depth study of character, personality and outward expression. It's an engrossing subject, and though couched in a realm of TV and luxury design, actually quite literary.

We recommend it highly, get more info and see more pictures here.

Mid-Modern on Fox's "24"

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