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August 19, 2008

Chiasso rug collection

Rug It's like they knew...

I have this ingenious method to getting home improvement and renovation projects done --- I wait until my husband goes out of town for work!

Sneak? Maybe. Successful? Absolutely.

For example, last year I wanted my kitchen floor done. I begged and pleaded to no avail. So I waited for my husband to board the plane for Bermuda and ripped the floor up myself. When he called the next night I calmly explained that we'd have to lay down the new floor as soon as he returned home. Why, he asked. Because the old floor was gone! Brilliant, I know.

Now it's my living room that needs some help. I'm over the colors and the area rug has got to go. It's not that I don't like the rug, it's just that my large dog has spent a bit too much time on it. Dear husband doesn't want to replace the rug. What should I do? I'm going to paint the room while he's in Oklahoma. The new colors will not go with the rug. Hence, we will need a new area rug!

I'm currently browsing, and have a few picked out. Check out some of Chiasso's area rugs -- priced as low as $198.


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Colorful Concrete


I thought I'd seen concrete in all its forms of rough or smooth or shiny, with objects added and in shades of gray or awash with color. But I've never seen concrete forms rendered with the graphic, precise colors of those made by
Deborah Brackenbury.

Brackenbury's website, Impure Vessels, shows a variety of shapes and colors that take concrete from that strictly zen, minimalist mode and into a fun, modern, exuberant design language.

Use theme indoors or out, even in the kitchen. They're fully coated and food safe.

i love them, and you will too.

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August 18, 2008

Transform Powder Room from Traditional to Contemporary

Most of us end up buying a "used" home. And getting anything second-hand (or 3rd, 4th, etc.) is fraught with inheriting somebody else's tastes. When we bought our home in 2004, I created a list of "do-overs." The downstairs powder room was about #5 on the list -- but somehow got bumped down quite a few notches when things like stabilizing a creek, new front door, stone ledging under warping windows, landscaping --  took priority.


Finally the powder room. I wanted  a higher-end modern look, but I wanted to limit it to about $1500, since we don't know how long we will stay.

The first step was to erase any memory of that wallpaper. Once the paper was gone, the nasty counter with the trim falling off had to disappear too. Since my budget was limited i opted to keep the vanity, remove the laminate and tile the top with onyx. I actually found the gorgeous glass and onyx backsplash first -- and backed into the onyx. I am very into architectural lines so i looked for square sink and wall-mounted faucet.


The room is small with 10' ceilings; we eliminated that elevator shaft feeling by building a transom with recessed lights. This was a blessing since I was agonizing over lighting fixtures.

The Ben Moore paint  just nails the color in the glass tile. The mirror is not my fave but until i find the perfect one ...



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August 14, 2008

Tori and Dean -- Love it or leave it?

I have a guilty pleasure that I must confess to. I'm not proud of it... I'm a huge fan of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

Gasp, cringe, do what you must. But try to keep an open mind here.

The couple recently purchased a home and completely renovated it. Some rooms I adore, some need tweaking, and some are so offensive to my eyes that I quickly look away. What do you think?

The kitchen before -- simple, clean and warm.


The kitchen after -- new color scheme, bit more glam.



Which do you prefer?

Now this is one of the rooms that offends. It's loud. It's tacky. It's pink - very, very pink. So tell me -- would you place your sweet little baby girl in this nursery?




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August 13, 2008

Birthday savings at Modern Tots


Celebrate Modern Tot's 3rd birthday with 10% off. Shop now!

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August 12, 2008

The rocking horse gets a facelift

As I've mentioned, probably numerous times, I have a new nephew. He's the sweetest little thing, and I'm suddenly filled with the urge to buy him everything! Everything except one of those creepy rocking horses.

My best friend had one growing up, and it terrified me. And I never understood the whole rocking horse concept. Horses don't rock. They gallop. They're fast and wild. Just never fit.

But my nephew must have some sort of rocking mechanism. He must have everything! Thankfully I found a modern alternative to the stodgy old rocking horse.


The Olga Rocker from Modern Tots. The stunning bent wood is much better than those ornate rockers with eerie eyes.


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Modern Tattoo's



We spend almost everyday thinking, reading and talking about modern design. We love it.

But enough to get a tattoo of our favorite design icons? Nope. Not at all.


Via Trend Hunter

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Sustainable Office Chair Mat


Desk chair mats have long kept wheels rolling and workers happy, and now they do it in modern style. 

Clear plastic chairmats of yesteryear were functional enough, but lacked style and environmental cred. Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co delivers the same work-a-day function in a bamboo mat available in over 20 style, shape and color configurations.

Available through

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Get a little wild

Fun! Very, very fun! Not sure how functional it is (I prefer my seating to be a little more constructed), but definitely fun.


The FatBoy beanbag chair by Jukka Setälä is vibrant and whimsical. Thoughts?


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August 11, 2008

Which sofa is suited for you?


Let's face it -- the sofa sees a lot of traffic. It can be a focal point of your sitting room. It's where you retreat to after a long day. It's your front row seat in the theater. Your comfortable cushion in your private library. But which one is right for you?

Style at Home has composed a savvy buyer's guide to assist you in your quest.

Some people have the luxury of replacing their sofas as often as they paint. But if you're not one of those people, this is an investment that requires not just some savings, but some planning as well. What size sofa are you looking for? Do you need a large sectional to accommodate kids, dogs and movie night in the den? Are you looking for something more demure, a two-seater to fit a cozy corner of the living room? And then there's the fabric -- from delicate (and high-maintenance) silks to rugged polyester blends, what's going to serve you best and for the longest period of time?

Continue reading!


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