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September 23, 2008

Balans 'Kneeling Chair' Is Back!

Variable_0601200002_lime_2 That wonderfully, ergonomically-designed chair by Norwegian designer Peter Opscik is back in the USA. The Balans, designed in 1976 and manufactured by Stokke, hasn't been consistently available in North America for some time -- for a whole host of reasons. Which was really the pity. The design automatically pitches you forward to aligning the spine, which is a God-send for those of us tethered to our desks for long periods of time. I currently own two and wouldn't give them up for anything. The Stokke family isn't immune to squabbles and the Balans and its Variable siblings are now under the brand Varier after a split.

I spoke with Ed Miano, CEO of Varier-USA, who tells me that the sleek frames will be available in beech, stained in natural, cherry, black and mocha, or custom painted. Additionally, the pads will come in 5 different fabrics -- and more than 250 colors. The retail price is $495 -- but I hear rumors the company is sharpening its pencils to make sure their re-entry into the market is a success. Stay tuned.


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Wow, Im buying five! very exciting news, does anyone know where exactly to buy them?

Posted by: Janet | Sep 24, 2008 3:22:24 PM

Those chairs are great---I've had one for years, and when a piece broke after years of use, they shipped me a new part. Great customer service

Posted by: arild | Sep 25, 2008 9:19:00 AM

I love the kneeling chair, my mom bought one for me while she was in England, and I just found a store near Boston that sells the variable as well as the rest of the line, im so pumped!!! i contacted the store, they said they will ship anywhere, which is good news for the rest of my family who is just as obsessed with these chairs! check out the website for varier, they have some cool visuals, and it has the list of places that the chairs are available....

Posted by: Lee | Sep 25, 2008 12:39:03 PM

I got one at Back Care Basics:

I used one years and years ago as a temp at another company, and finally got around to requistioning one at my current job. Love it!!

Posted by: rbm | Sep 25, 2008 3:43:44 PM

I've been using one of these chairs for almost 25 years and I love it. It is an exceptional ergonomic chair - especially good for those who spend long hours at a computer. I needed a second one and I decided it was time to replace the original, but I live on the west coast of Canada, a long way from any retail store. The New Designs for Comfort CEO was great - he put me in touch with Backcare Basics directly. The sales person very patiently walked me through my custom order and they're shipping my chairs to me free of charge! Great chairs and great service!

Posted by: Kathy | Oct 9, 2008 4:23:06 PM

For those of you in Canada, I was trying to find out an easier way to purchase this brand. The distributor told me about a store in Alberta called Scandia Furniture (phone: 780 483 4949)that is now a retailer. I am so pleased!

Posted by: Sarah | Oct 10, 2008 11:21:29 AM

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