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September 05, 2008


I thought I fully understood the impact of IKEA on the world - inexpensive, attractive pieces that are supposed to be easy to assemble.  But I was laving out another, major impact of IKEA: it's therapeutic. Shoppers have long embraced the highs of making a purchase and finding a great deal. IKEA offers both in a comfortable homelike atmosphere complete with meatballs.

Now, a webseries explores the meaning IKEA can imbue into a purposeless life.

Easy to Assemble is a scripted comedy which tells the story of Illeana Douglas quitting Hollywood to work at IKEA Burbank. She discovers that her past is difficult to leave behind as celebrity friends, gossip columnists, agents and Hollywood craziness in general follow her into her new life.

Star and creator Illeana Douglas is joined by Goldblum, Tom Arnold, Craig Bierko, Kevin Pollack, Justine Bateman, Robert Patrick and Ed Begley Jr.

The series premiers at on September22nd.

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