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September 30, 2008

Readers Weigh In on Modern Lighting

Help! I've been casually looking for a chandelier to dress up my dark and dreary dining room.

It's open to the living room and its gigantic crystal thing I never would have bought but which has been here since the house was wired for electricity, and isn't leaving now.

So on the left, the living room. On the right, sad little dining room that needs some love (a rug, new chair covers, window coverings, color...).  The rooms are next to each other with pocket doors separating them, so each picture was taken while I was standing in the other room. Does this make sense?

N1412547592_38585_3880_2 Sad_dining_rom

OK. Well I think I found the pendant that wont set up a visual argument with old Bessie there. It's the Deco pendent with linen shade by Lights Up! This thing is fairly easy to find around the web for about $240. (Check Design Public for a wider collection from the line.)

Here it is:


I think it's a good way to recognize the past but bring it into the present. The shapes work together and it's so much more minimal. Now you've got to picture it with a little more life happening in the dining room too.

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Hi. I will be graduating with my Bachelor's in Interior Design this October and thought some advice from somebody in the field would help. Since the rooms are only separated by pocket doors, try to keep the same color scheem and style for both rooms. I would suggest a victorian area rug with the color of your couch in it for the dining room. This will lighten the space as well.

I would also suggest painting the picture frames in the living room black and centering them above the couch to distinguish the space and find a pendant that is like the white one you found, but in black. Then it will match the picture frames, but not seem like everything is light on top half of the dining room and dark on the bottom half. Feel free to me if you would like more advice or have any questions. [email protected] Good luck!

Posted by: Jessica | Aug 20, 2011 9:03:21 PM

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