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October 16, 2008

Moon Baby Cradle

I've heard that turning 30 meant giving up rational reactions to babies and to the idea of having babies. So far, thank God, the feeling of being born to procreate has so far eluded me. (Sorry, Mom.)

I'm aware of all the bad reasons for having children, with to "save the marriage" ruling the list, but I just found myself in the the throes of maternal fantasy for another, equally bad reason: For the design.

Now, before you pass judgment. Just look at this cradle...


I can just see a sleeping baby curled up in this crescent moon. And it's not just any gimicky, theme based cradle. This is a Fornasetti, Limited Edition Cradle made in Italy in 1999. It's numbered 7 of 20 and has been re-outfitted with a new custom mattress and pillow.

Would two pit bulls be just as cute nestled in this gently rocking cradle? Maybe to me. But for $8,000, not anytime soon.

Available through Dragonette Limited, in LA.

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