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October 08, 2008

Pink Anziano Chair Proceeds to SGK


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which usually motivates every commercial enterprise to plaster pink on products and hawk Pink Ribbons. Trouble is, this corporate giving is usually dubious. A five dollar ribbon from your favorite boutique (made overseas for less than pennies) is often a mere donation of 50 cents. Having had breast cancer I've been given zillions of these pins from very well meaning friends, and I always stifle the urge to say "just donate directly and bypass this ersatz donation." (While that may sound harsh, it angers me that some companies attempt to cash in on women's emotional ties to this issue -- without care that their products may be toxic to the environment, or whose corporate culture does not provide health insurance, or whose donation is nothing more than they would have given away with a coupon.)

Pink_ribbonSo it was from this perspective that I listened to representatives from Donghia tell me of their special offer: the iconic Anziano chair -- in Pink! But I really started paying attention when a company rep assured me that 100% of the trade price would be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation -- making this truly a one-of-a-kind, and very special corporate giving promotion.

Designed by John Hutton (Donghia's famed design director in the 1980s), the Anziano chair, with its bent-wood seat and back and metal klimos-styled legs,  was originally designed for the American Academy in Rome. The classic, which holds places of honor in the collections of the Brooklyn Museum and the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, is being revived by Donghia. The collector version has a shell of molded plywood veneer finished in pink lacquer, with steel legs in matte black powder-coated finish. Purchase a pink Anziano chair from any Donghia showroom across the country between Oct. 16-Dec. 21, and the wholesale cost of $475 will be donated to SKG.


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