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October 21, 2008

Let them drink wine!

Our nation is on the precipice of major change. We're in the middle of an emotionally-charged, high-stakes election. Our economy is in the gutter. People are loosing big in the stock market. Home values are plummeting. And more and more are uncertain of their future. What's an American to do?

Drink! And drink surrounded by opulence.


The Louis XV Wine Rack by Axis FormLAB.


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Lighting Gets Fashionable


1) Alexander Wang   
2) YLighting: Pallucco- Gilda


1) Jean Paul Gaultier

2) YLighting: Collage Pendant

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October 20, 2008

Cigarette anyone?

Sleek, simple vase. Check.

Understated colors. Check.

Shocking resemblance to ciggies. Check.

The Arbor Vase from Chiasso.



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More Fashionable Lighting


1) Valentino
2) YLighting: Col Drop Pendant Light 


1) Armani Prive                                       
2) YLighting: Hugo Floor Lamp

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October 18, 2008

Evo Circular grill

I'm very much into shapes and fluidity. And, like most, I want my appliances to be functional as well as appealing. Let's face it -- most grills are lacking in the aesthetic department.

Check out the Evo Circular grill. The stainless steel flat-top allows guests to gather round as you cook. And the flame-less dual burner is conducive to boiling, poaching, and roasting. Buy now!



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October 17, 2008

Fall Fashion, Modern Design

The Fall shows have reinvigorated our drive to find fashion's influence on interiors. Here's a peek at what's going on in Fall's most fashionable lighting.

1) Badgley Mischka
2) Zwello: Come Rain Come Shine


1) Chanel                                  
2) YLighting: Salome 12 Light Chandelier


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October 16, 2008

Moon Baby Cradle

I've heard that turning 30 meant giving up rational reactions to babies and to the idea of having babies. So far, thank God, the feeling of being born to procreate has so far eluded me. (Sorry, Mom.)

I'm aware of all the bad reasons for having children, with to "save the marriage" ruling the list, but I just found myself in the the throes of maternal fantasy for another, equally bad reason: For the design.

Now, before you pass judgment. Just look at this cradle...


I can just see a sleeping baby curled up in this crescent moon. And it's not just any gimicky, theme based cradle. This is a Fornasetti, Limited Edition Cradle made in Italy in 1999. It's numbered 7 of 20 and has been re-outfitted with a new custom mattress and pillow.

Would two pit bulls be just as cute nestled in this gently rocking cradle? Maybe to me. But for $8,000, not anytime soon.

Available through Dragonette Limited, in LA.

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October 15, 2008

Parkersewn Modern Pillows

With a look that's at once crafty and couture, Parkersewn pillows deliver that punch of color and style we look for in this oft maligned accessory.

To be sure - we abhor "pillow shows" but  a few well chosen pieces will be warm and interesting. Parkersewn pillows can be the finishing touch in a child's room (left ) or a living room (right).

2718730234_fbb5854d6d_2 2741475655_9964811a01

Did I mention these handmade beauties start at $26?


Modern Photography, Signed and Affordable!


Alicia Bock Photography, a modern and painterly collection with a dose of nostalgia. Starting at $5.

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October 14, 2008

Warm up your backyard


I spent the long weekend doing a favorite thing of mine -- our annual camping excursion.

No need to gasp in horror. I'm not talking about your typical camping. I don't cook anything over a fire. I don't relieve myself in an out-house. I shower everyday, and my husband has enough self-preservation to equip our vehicle with a power converter strong enough to run my hair straightener. I do sleep in a cabin without electricity, but I deck it out with as many modern conveniences and items of decor as possible.

Our large group (about a dozen adults, a handful of kids, and a few dogs) have a very lively time. We sip cocktails, not beer, feast of seafood, not burgers, and recline in lush chairs around a crackling fire. Ah yes, the fire. It is your typical camp site bonfire. You know, a round dug-out surrounded by stones and rocks. It's not particularly fetching, but it does the job when the temp drops to 35 degrees.

Wanting to recreate the same ambiance I enjoy every October, I've been looking to replace our fire pit. We have the typical metal set-up. It's not that it's horrible to look at, but it certainly isn't indicative of a natural setting. Of course a custom-made fire pit is an option, but I'm not big on dropping that kind of cash to outfit the backyard of a home that I don't plan on staying in.

Thankfully I was sent some specs on two new fire vessels from Stone Forest. Forged from granite and boulders, the Granite Fire Vessel and Suspended Fire Vessel use natural materials to create a modern fixture around which to warm and entertain.


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