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October 14, 2008

Warm up your backyard


I spent the long weekend doing a favorite thing of mine -- our annual camping excursion.

No need to gasp in horror. I'm not talking about your typical camping. I don't cook anything over a fire. I don't relieve myself in an out-house. I shower everyday, and my husband has enough self-preservation to equip our vehicle with a power converter strong enough to run my hair straightener. I do sleep in a cabin without electricity, but I deck it out with as many modern conveniences and items of decor as possible.

Our large group (about a dozen adults, a handful of kids, and a few dogs) have a very lively time. We sip cocktails, not beer, feast of seafood, not burgers, and recline in lush chairs around a crackling fire. Ah yes, the fire. It is your typical camp site bonfire. You know, a round dug-out surrounded by stones and rocks. It's not particularly fetching, but it does the job when the temp drops to 35 degrees.

Wanting to recreate the same ambiance I enjoy every October, I've been looking to replace our fire pit. We have the typical metal set-up. It's not that it's horrible to look at, but it certainly isn't indicative of a natural setting. Of course a custom-made fire pit is an option, but I'm not big on dropping that kind of cash to outfit the backyard of a home that I don't plan on staying in.

Thankfully I was sent some specs on two new fire vessels from Stone Forest. Forged from granite and boulders, the Granite Fire Vessel and Suspended Fire Vessel use natural materials to create a modern fixture around which to warm and entertain.


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