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November 29, 2008

Think pink

Now that Thanksgiving is order, and we were sufficiently gluttonous, it's time to get back to work.

While out shopping on Black Friday giving the economy a nice boost, I noticed that there is a new holiday hue taking over home decor -- pink. From ornaments and wreaths to stockings and table runners, in both the commercialized mall and trendy boutiques downtown, pink is all the rage.

And I couldn't be happier. Thankfully it's not the girly, delicate pink, but bold, rich, and festive. I've always adored the color and am quite thrilled to pair it with green and silver this season.

I'd like to start with the new Hot Pink Blow Table from Elizabeth Paige Smith.

Pink 2 

Pink 1

-- allie

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November 25, 2008

Go glam

Jewel tones are big this season. As is the statement the Diamond table from Boca Do Lobo. Even the gold lions feet don't bother me -- sort of adds a glam baroque element.


-- allie

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November 24, 2008

Mod Metal Furniture With a Kick


Those gams in the background may be the muse to these whimsical creations by mid-western designer  Cole Scego. Or maybe it was too many anatomy classes while studying pre-med before giving it up for Cole_scego3 the arts. In any event, Scego is enamored with metals (steels and aluminums), art deco shapes and finishes -- using etching and powder coating techniques to create these functional yet sculptural pieces.

While they  certainly would be right at home in an outdoor setting, Scego likeScego_Sleigh_beds to think of them as indoor pieces first, which is probably a better idea for this unique sleigh bed. --diane

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Modern Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Time to think about table decor if you're entertaining for the holidays, or just like to get into the spirit.

We've been looking for modern centerpieces that will add style without taking over. Our criteria were simple: it had to be simple to make from easy to find items. Here's what we've come up with so far...

Martha's Modern Touch:
Oh, Martha, you're rarely if ever mentioned over here, though we've long admired everything you do. Thanks for serving up these modern tablescape ideas.


A cluster of towers made from stacked patterned ceramics forms a graphic, sculptural centerpiece that will decorate your table day in and day out -- no green thumb needed. If you don't have an extra set of dishes lying around, you can buy great inexpensive rice bowls at an Asian outlet or pick up mixed sets at flea markets.  See more from Martha here


Although they are traditional fall-decorating fodder, these gourds manage to look surprisingly fresh -- evocative of modernist ceramics. Mixing painted bowls made from dried gourds with a pair of whole crook necks gives the autumnal standbys a life beyond the Thanksgiving table. Once you've arranged the gourds themselves, fill the bowls with natural, textured accents, like nuts and leaves, as well as a few shiny trimmings (such as the gold seed-pods shown here, available prepainted at craft stores) for even more color and contrast. More like this from Martha here

Dwell Studio's Thanksgiving Table-setting:


Christine Lemieux's of Dwell Studio is taking a laid back, sophisticated approach...

I decided on a simple, monochromatic backdrop; I plan to use our Sketch place mats and runners, paired with Bodoni napkins - the subtle, graphic black and white are the ideal starting point for any table setting. To warm things up, I’ll add some vintage brass flatware, and serving bowls with a beautiful gold interior. Remember, dinner is the center of attention, so I’ll use a monochromatic centerpiece: a grouping of white vases and vessels I have around the house, plus some gourds, spray painted white.

What are you up to, dear readers? Snap a shot of your Thanksgiving table and Email Me.


November 21, 2008

November is Mustache Month


You read that right, November is Mustache month. Now going under the moniker Movember ( M for mustache), November is the time of year when men from across the globe will grow mustaches for charity to gain awareness for men's health issues.

Hipsters on the indie design scene must be paying attention, or maybe they're just really into men's health, because mustaches have certainly grown in as the icon du jour.

To wit, a look around the indie design Mecca Etsy turned up these unshaven beauties, among others:


Vintage mugs with handpainted 'stache.  $12 set.


Mustache key hook made of reclaimed wood, $40.

And, the 'Stache Stash pillow, the pillow with a hidden back pocket to stash your valuables, or razor. $15, top.

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Outside ZBOX

Modern Box Chair

For over 25 years Stanley Jay Friedman has designed clean, modern furniture for progressive people. It's a passion driven by his enthusiasm for experimentation and thrill with the evolution of design. His barrier-breaking work has earned prominent awards and is esteemed by legions of fellow designers and architects. But it's the average American consumer, not yet comfortable with sleek, modern pieces that Friedman's trying to win over, and with clean designs offering beauty, function and comfort, he's well on his way.

Friedman's latest attempt is ZBOX SEAT. He says,

The inspiration for ZBOX SEAT came from a long ago objective of mine to design a chair in a box format. The challenge was more then just the aesthetic, it was to make this thing comfortable. Of course my other criteria is always 'simplicity'. The chair design was conceived around 2007 and shown for the first time in early 2008.

The box seat invites the sitter to lean back in the supportive surround, a perfect position, one would think, for sipping cocktails with friends. And with this collection, you can host quite a few.  Friedman didn't stop at the ZBOX SEAT; his collection includes a loveseat and sofa. It's all available through Bellini Imports, a Canadian firm, but judging from the collection's rave reviews at High Point, we think Mr. Friedman's cut a big swath out of America's discomfort for modern design. Kudos, sir.

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November 20, 2008

Bent bench


The Macassar Lotus Bench from Andrew Muggleton, formed from Bent Mascassar Ebony.

-- allie

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November 19, 2008

Libby Langdon's Small Space Solutions

-1 Interior designer Libby Langdon is no stranger to small spaces.  She's a frequent contributor to HGTV's "Small Space, Big Style,"  starred in FOX's "Design Invasion," and works for clients with upscale, urban (read small) homes throughout the country. Now, Langdon's compiled her tips and tricks for making the most of the space you have into an easy to follow book due out this March.

Because as PC readers you're on the inside track, you don't have to wait until March to get a sneak peek at "Small Space Solutions."  We've got our favorite gems right here:

Libby’s Top Ten ‘Small Space’ Design Mistakes:

1.  Leaving your walls white
White walls won’t technically make your space larger and they lack personality. Spice up your space, have a little fun and paint some color on your walls!

2. Using large-scale furniture
Oversized pieces can hog square footage, and using better-proportioned furniture can allow you to create a more functional and comfortable living space.

3. Lack of light
Not lighting your space effectively makes it look smaller. If you can’t see an area in your room it’s as if it’s not there! Capitalizing on natural light and bringing in artificial light is imperative.

4. Using short shelving and cabinetry
Using full-scale shelves and cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling visually draw the eye upward making the ceiling seem higher and your space feel larger.

5. Keeping clutter
Holding onto too much stuff and not throwing away clutter can make even a large space feel small. When in doubt, throw it out!

6. Using small-scale accessories
Large lamps, artwork, candles, vases and accessories create the appearance of greater space and more height. No wimpy lamps!

7. Not using mirrors
Mirrors reflect light, whether it’s daylight or lamplight, and they visually make your space feel larger by adding depth and dimension.

8. Not capitalizing on your wall space
Think vertically and get your walls working for you! Mount shelving or storage systems up on your walls to display collections and store items so you don’t waste precious table space. This will also help focus your items in one spot so your space feels more organized.

9. Using all wood furniture
It makes a room feel clunky and bottom heavy, but by mixing in glass-topped tables with wood pieces you give your room a lighter, airier and more open feel.

10. Using small area rugs
A small area rug can look like a postage stamp and make your room feel cramped, but using a large rug creates an extended visual line and gives the illusion of more square footage.

Libby Langdon,"Small Space Solutions"
(Knack, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press; March 3, 2009)

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November 17, 2008

Pampered pooch

Dog house 2

Leifers luxury pet home retreats and products are designed to serve as attractive home accents while being a pampering environment for pets to rest their paws.

It's a bit Romanesque for my taste, but replace the fern-like plant with some funky foliage or colored orbs and it could be a nice addition to a modern home.

-- allie

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Balanced Design by Komal Sheth


Think raw stone on your walls is more country than modern? Think again.

As Komal Sheth, founder of Spaces Designed, proves with this interior, using rough natural materials can make a statement that's at once bold and relaxing. In this space, repeated lines on the floor, stone wall, shelves, and artwork evoke a sense of order and calmness.

Designers talk non-stop about pop's of color, and this space is a great example of why that's so.  An orange wall here adds warmth, brings out rusty tones in the stone wall and ties the two spaces together.

Take into account the round mirror and curved accessories and this space is the picture of balance. We see shapes, materials, and textures come together to make a cohesive story of modern style.


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