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December 31, 2008

FLOR Sale!

Outlet_email_10 As FLOR gets ready to introduce new styles for Spring, now’s your chance to take advantage of some great deals!

From cozy Shagri-La to bold Solid Ground there’s no time like now to shop for affordable ways to refresh your home.

Plus, FLOR now has even more ways to save with the all-new FLOR Outlet where you can get one-of-a-kind, limited edition styles only found here!

With never-before-seen styles to choose from, you’ll find everything from 100% wool to shaggy neutrals with prices starting at $4.99 per tile!

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December 29, 2008

Now you're cooking

Spending too much time slaving over the stove?

Sharp Electronics has introduced a new appliance -- the Microwave Drawer oven, the world's first. It promises greater accessibility, functional yet modern design, and pre-programmed settings for easy cooking, warming and re-heating.

Sharp 3

Sharp 1

Some of it's perks:
Positioned at a convenient height beneath a counter, cooktop or wall oven, there's no need to bend under the counter or stretch over the range to access the microwave
The drawer opens and closes with a gentle pull or push of the handle
Features front-mounted controls with an angled LCD display for ease-of use
Available in stainless steel, black or white finishes
Sensor technology provides superior microwave cooking and reheating results without any guesswork
Keep Warm setting that keeps food warm up to 30 minutes.

Sharp's Microwave Drawer oven is part of the Insight Pro line, which also features a Cooktop+Microwave Drawer and a 3-in-1 Range with a convection oven, microwave drawer and ceramic cooktop.

-- allie

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Mirror, mirror

It's not the 10 pounds of holiday goodies you consumed over the past week, it's the mirror.


The Funhouse Mirror Series from Hemlock Design. The mirrors are handcrafted by artist John Balough, and add a sculptural, geometric accent to the interior of your home.

-- allie

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Love Modern Bedding

I'm absolutely in love with this quilt from Modern Quilts. The colors, design and execution are remarkably modern.  A repeated series of straight, clean lines could have been starkly minimalist, but bold colors and split layout create an ordered exuberance.


Artist's Statement:

This carefully hand-stitched art quilt is entitled "Edvard" in homage to the human bewilderment portrayed in Edvard Munch's famous painting "The Scream."

Featuring bold color and graphics, this minimalist and modern piece of art is completely unique and made to hang on the wall. The backing is made up of mostly red and blue fabrics featuring ripples, or concentric circles.

Measures 50" square and densely quilted in free-hand.
100% cotton.


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Original Art

Aptly named original painting: Mica by Lizardo...


$499 through the artist's Etsy Shop.

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Haga Armchair by Swan Italy


Haga Armchair by Swan Italy.

The Haga armchair is a study in bent wood furniture. Match it with your choice of table/footrest for a stark lounge setting. Go with the simple look of wood or select a leather or fabric option. An Italian masterpiece of engineering at Mixture.

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December 26, 2008

Modern Flat Pack Vase


A new obsession, given to me as a gift that I now pass on to you. Enjoy.

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Blue Home Decor


"Blue Leaves Pillow Cover " by Black Bags by Leslie Ann Black.

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December 22, 2008

Vycon introduces New York inspired collection

New from Vycon.

Vycon 1 Toren
Toren is a city smart pattern whose trendy mid-century modern lines and texture make you think of a strong skyline soaring on the horizon. A stroll through Central Park in New York sets the stage for Toren's bright blue and red accents including Strawberry Fields and Lake. While organic neutrals (Obelisk), and sophisticated gold tones (Gold Room), round out the lofty selection.

Vycon 2 Union Square
Familiar, unduplicated and forever in fashion - Union Square is the quintessential New Yorker both in name and in style. Influenced by grass cloths and natural weaves, Union Square's textural pattern stands the test of time - always new, always fresh. 16 inventive colorways work a perfect fit with Union Square's woven grain.

Vycon 3 Metro Line
Metro Line is crisp and contemporary - an urban professional at home with modern, structured rooms. Yet, its horizontal lines and textured woven surface has a certain retro appeal - a throwback to the 50's and 60's. Capturing past and present design trends, Metro Line's 20 colorways are influenced by the latest textile fashions and color movements.

-- allie

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Never too early

I know it's not even Christmas, but it's 1 degree in my neck of the woods. So forgive me for thinking of warm-weather gear.

Baby lounger

The Loopfietsen is perfect for some beach lounging. The low sling-back also works well for napping for napping or for letting the child sit safely and watch the world go by. Just slightly above floor level, there’s no danger of falling.

-- allie

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