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December 29, 2008

Now you're cooking

Spending too much time slaving over the stove?

Sharp Electronics has introduced a new appliance -- the Microwave Drawer oven, the world's first. It promises greater accessibility, functional yet modern design, and pre-programmed settings for easy cooking, warming and re-heating.

Sharp 3

Sharp 1

Some of it's perks:
Positioned at a convenient height beneath a counter, cooktop or wall oven, there's no need to bend under the counter or stretch over the range to access the microwave
The drawer opens and closes with a gentle pull or push of the handle
Features front-mounted controls with an angled LCD display for ease-of use
Available in stainless steel, black or white finishes
Sensor technology provides superior microwave cooking and reheating results without any guesswork
Keep Warm setting that keeps food warm up to 30 minutes.

Sharp's Microwave Drawer oven is part of the Insight Pro line, which also features a Cooktop+Microwave Drawer and a 3-in-1 Range with a convection oven, microwave drawer and ceramic cooktop.

-- allie

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Genius! My microwave doesn't quite fit into its alloted space above the sink causing me no end of vague annoyance. This is much more practical and less irksome

Posted by: Julie | Dec 29, 2008 11:05:03 PM

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