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January 23, 2009

Shiny Happy Flor

It seems as if the entire country is feeling a little more optimistic today, and the experts predict this sunnier disposition will be displayed throughout design.

Flor's new metallic line offers tiles with a subtle stripe pattern topped off with a slight metallic sheen. The surface is soft cut pile with a velvety smooth finish. Use alone or pair with its metallic compliment.


Shown: Shiny Happy Stripe

-- allie

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Agua Table


The Agua Table by Domingos Tortora seems to reinvent the meaning of cradle to cradle design. The table base pebbles are not rock at all, but recycled corrugated cadboard bits, mashed and formed into oblong shapes. The pebbles look and feel like wood, so it's almost as if they've come full circle - from wood, to paper and back to wood agian. We love it. Through Touch.

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January 22, 2009

Alno introduces Starline

New from Alno.

Alno Starline

-- allie

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Modern Throwbacks


Somehow wooden toys have become modern. We're done with plastic and its potential for messing with our boys' testosterone. We're vigilant about lead paint. In  short, our modern knowledge has brought us back to simpler times, when wooden toys just made sense. Good. Because makers have felt the same way for a while now, and have used the standby material to create more modern and imaginative toys. An example? Check out the Shape Maker from UK's MillerGoodman. Get it online for $40 and expect to pay about $22 for shipping to US.

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Go for the Gold


Caboche, designed by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto, has become one of Foscarini’s most successful designs. For 2009, it has been completely transformed through the alteration of its color to Giallo Oro, or Golden Yellow. The luxurious warmth of the new Giallo Oro color provides a distinct alternative to the understated richness of the original clear option and will appeal to those who appreciate a sophisticated luxury.

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Proud Peacocks

T_17230 T_17211

We're looking forward to summer already, and thinking about partying poolside. This Melamine dinnerware from Jonathan Adler, on sale now, takes the peacock trend outdoors. See the whole collection here.

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January 21, 2009

Technicolor dream sofa

Meet the Modular Kar Sofa. It's like Legos for design-minded adults -- just mix and switch the pieces of colorful lightweight Arpo when the mood strikes you.

Modular Kar Sofa

Whether you need a long, bright sofa for a get together, or a few simple two-toned chairs to line the patio, the construction is simple. Pieces are $150 each and you need five to construct a single seat. The possibilities are endless!

-- allie

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Change is Coming But...

if it's too slow, you might want to think about these new digs. The closest thing I've ever seen is the pad my paper doll called home:


The property market is in the doldrums, mortgages are elusive but there is still some hope for the first-time buyer: the paper house.

Retailing for about $5,000 (£3,375), the house is supposed to brighten up Third World shantytowns and provide quick shelter for long-term refugees. The Universal World House can be used almost anywhere: light, easily assembled, environmentally friendly, earthquake-proof and, crucially in the age of recession, a bit of a bargain.

Gerd Niemoeller, its inventor, says that the 36sq m paper house weighs barely 800kg (1,763lb) — lighter than a VW Golf. “Without the foundation block, the whole house actually weighs in at about 400kg,” says the design engineer. It will not, however, simply blow away. The basic material is resin-soaked cellulose recovered from recycled cardboard and newspapers.

Add heat and pressure and the paper becomes extremely stable. The interior of the prefabricated building panels resemble honeycombs; an air vacuum fills each of the units. The result: a strong and stable exterior wall, well insulated. A similar construction technique is used in aircraft and high-speed yachts.

“But they are working with aluminium and other alloys, which is expensive, time consuming, energy intensive,” said Mr Niemoeller, who has patented the invention under the name of his Swiss-based company The Wall AG. “That’s not suitable for the Third World.” The prime purpose is to create intelligent housing settlements almost instantly for the displaced and the urban poor.

“People don’t want to flee their countries, they’ve been driven to leave their homes out of the need to survive,” said the 58-year-old engineer. “The number of migrants, refugees living in improvised housing, is going to grow with climate change, and we offer an alternative.” An alternative, that is, to the corrugated-iron sheds and lean-tos so often seen in the slums of the developing world.

The house has eight built-in single and double beds and a veranda with a sealed-off area housing a shower and a lavatory. It has been designed together with the German development aid agency GTZ, and with the architect Dirk Donath, from the Bauhaus University in Weimar.

Apart from the sleeping area, there are shelves, a table and benches. “It has been designed so that a family can slaughter an animal on the veranda, wash it in the shower and hang it, along with fish, on an integrated washing line.” The whole wall of the kitchen can be tipped open to let air in and to blur the distinction between inside and outside.

First inquiries have come from the Delta State oil developers in Nigeria, and from Angola. More than 2,000 houses have been ordered by another Nigerian company. Development aid agencies are considering whether the houses could be used to accommodate those fleeing from the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe. South America, too, is interested.

The aim is to build the machines in northern Germany, near Kiel, and then send them, along with the raw materials, to the target country. The houses are then put together on the spot, creating local jobs and reducing transport costs.

But there is no reason why the paper houses should not be used in Europe.

The panels are rain resistant — and it is not compulsory to butcher a goat on the veranda.

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Tips for Modern Changes in Small Homes

Michelle With the dormant housing market and sluggish economy, many homeowners are making the decision to downsize to both save money and keep their homes. Smaller houses bring smaller living spaces that call for some creative design and decorating ideas. Michelle Rohrer-Lauer from Michelle’s Interiors in Grayslake, Illinois has the tips to the make the most out of small spaces in your home.

Brighten Things Up. One of the most important elements of making a small space appear larger is the choice of wall color. A bright color on the walls allows the natural and artificial lighting of the room to enhance the space and create a sense of openness. This does not mean that homeowners have to resort to desolate, white walls. Bright, organic colors, such as warm yellows and oranges or light cool blues and greens can bring an emotion into the space. Don’t forget that wallpaper is also making its comeback! Light, monochromatic wallpaper with a slight texture adds depth and brightness to a room.

Create an Optical Illusion. Decorating a small space should be approached strategically. Small spaces require an interior design that is somewhat simplistic and devoid of clutter, but that does not mean the room has to lack décor. Try one large piece of wall art or a decorative mirror to make the room appear larger. A mirror that reflects the entrance of a room gives the illusion of a larger space.

Be Selective about Furniture. In a small space, the choice of furniture pieces is all about keeping the eye level clear. So a few scaled, low pieces such as a simplistic love seat or sofa allow clear wall space and create the illusion of a larger space. Multifunctional pieces such as an ottoman or low table also fit the smaller-scaled criteria and can double as sitting space.

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New outdoor furniture series!

Nini Andrade Silva's first outdoor furniture series, “Garota do Calhau” (Girl of the Pebbles), is comprised of a double sun lounger, single sun lounger, a day bed, and a chaise lounge.

Outdoor Furniture-2

-- allie

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