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January 21, 2009

Tips for Modern Changes in Small Homes

Michelle With the dormant housing market and sluggish economy, many homeowners are making the decision to downsize to both save money and keep their homes. Smaller houses bring smaller living spaces that call for some creative design and decorating ideas. Michelle Rohrer-Lauer from Michelle’s Interiors in Grayslake, Illinois has the tips to the make the most out of small spaces in your home.

Brighten Things Up. One of the most important elements of making a small space appear larger is the choice of wall color. A bright color on the walls allows the natural and artificial lighting of the room to enhance the space and create a sense of openness. This does not mean that homeowners have to resort to desolate, white walls. Bright, organic colors, such as warm yellows and oranges or light cool blues and greens can bring an emotion into the space. Don’t forget that wallpaper is also making its comeback! Light, monochromatic wallpaper with a slight texture adds depth and brightness to a room.

Create an Optical Illusion. Decorating a small space should be approached strategically. Small spaces require an interior design that is somewhat simplistic and devoid of clutter, but that does not mean the room has to lack décor. Try one large piece of wall art or a decorative mirror to make the room appear larger. A mirror that reflects the entrance of a room gives the illusion of a larger space.

Be Selective about Furniture. In a small space, the choice of furniture pieces is all about keeping the eye level clear. So a few scaled, low pieces such as a simplistic love seat or sofa allow clear wall space and create the illusion of a larger space. Multifunctional pieces such as an ottoman or low table also fit the smaller-scaled criteria and can double as sitting space.

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"This means that by making small changes to their consumption patterns, households can make a big difference to the environment and also save money."

Posted by: Vertical window Blinds for offices | Apr 6, 2009 4:45:42 AM


Some good points are made in this blog. We have been encouraged for so long to live well beyond our means with very little thought being given to the impact on our carbon footprint as well as our pockets. Now we all need to think about what we need as opposed to what we want.

Posted by: Energy Saving Devices | Aug 7, 2009 4:03:22 AM

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