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February 23, 2009

Stink Tree

While this table came out a few months ago, it's new to me -- and I just had to share it.

 Stink Tree table

Designed by Dylan Gold, the Stink Tree table has a flowing form made entirely of recycled material and water based finishes.

-- allie

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Vermillion Miami

Vintage modern shoppers in Miami keel over for Vermillion. Take a look, you'll see why...


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Mod Marble Coffee Table


1960s curved marble cocktail table at Sultana San Fransisco, $650.

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February 22, 2009

A little gold

Tonight is all about the gold. The little gold man named Oscar. Here's a little gold for the modern sect.

Gold modular

Fitting Gold for office, home and contract is a piece of modular furniture in black anodized aluminum. The doors in finishing gold-leaf handmade by master craftsmen. A successful mix between a high technology furniture and secular processing doors still produced by hand.

-- allie

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Shaggy Carpet Tiles by FLOR


FLOR's new Shaggy Sheep.

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Morso Modern Fireplaces


Scandinavian manufacture Morsø is celebrating the debut of their new 7600 series wood stove and accessory line at the HPBExpo on March 19 to 21, at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Nevada. As a symbol of Morsø’s “Thinking Green” mission,  a modern geodesic dome - outdoor exhibit 5110 - will surround their new wall-fit Morsø 7670, curvaceous 7644, and other strong performing Morsø stoves, including the 3610, 7110, pedestal 8188, 3450, and 5660 fireplace insert.

In terms of stove innovation, Morsø has made great strides by collaborating with a famous Danish artist and designer Monica Ritterband, creating the largest viewing window in Morsø’s 155 year history, and instituting the greenest possible practices from manufacturing to delivery.

At Morsø we believe that stove performance should not only be measured in terms of heat output, but also the impact on the environmental”, notes Morsø US President Craig Shankster. “Made in high quality cast iron using 98% recycled material the 7600 series are quite possibly the greenest stoves in the industry”;

Danish visual artist Monica Ritterband applied her elegant and refined, yet simple and direct style to the new cast-iron Morsø 7600 stove collection. She also designed stunning cast-iron accent accessories, including the FEET tea kettle, trivet, firewood holder, and fire tool set.

MorsoeFEETwoodcarrierwith woodfinallowresolutionem

The new 7600 stove series has also earned the respected Nordic Swan Eco-label, which is a public environmental certification that sets standards for low particle emissions, high fuel efficiencies, and environmentally-responsible production and packaging practices.

Craig Shankster describes a few ways that Morsø is minimizing their carbon footprint:  “At the Morsø production facility 80 % of the energy consumed comes from renewable sources (69% wind & 11% bio gas) and the Morsø US headquarters in Portland, Tennessee is now powered by 100% renewable energy, including bio fuel and wind, per agreement with their local energy supplier.”

The Morsø 7600 series is based on the convection principle, and it burns with incredible cleanness and efficiency. With an estimated output of 35,000 btu/hr, the 7600 series can heat an area of up to 1200 sq ft. It is also both logical and convenient to operate, as its air intake, and thus its combustion and heat, are controlled by means of a user-friendly one-grip system. or contact customer service at 866-883-9619. To learn about HPBexpo, visit or call 703.522.0086.

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John-Paul Philippe

1 Sculpture

Long living under the radar as a successful painter, textile designer and sculptor, John-Paul Philippe better get used to being recognized outside his rarefied circles. The three story entry sculpture he has planned for Barneys New York  in Kobe, Japan should get that ball rolling. He also has a new website up here. Check it out to see his wide range of work.

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Touch Modern Recycled Accessories


The bright sunny work of CarlaTennenbaum. The elements of her Eva Maria project are made from scraps of industrial waste which she turns into wall art, pencil holders and more. Soon to be available through TOUCH.

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Modern Dining Chair in Velvet


Cozy dining seats wrap you up in velvet. Looks like a comfy perch, $299 with reduced shipping at West Elm.

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Small Pools


Want to take a dip in the privacy of your own tiny yard? Check out these inspirational pond sized pools, via Houzz.


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