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March 27, 2009

Custom Wall Coverings

AlluminareWallPaper I'm not one for wallpaper but for those whom are hooked on covering walls, I can't help but believe the options from Alluminaire will satisfy.

The Atlanta, Georgia based company provides custom lighting, wall coverings and pillows. How custom? custom enough that you can pick a color and a color wave, and if that isn't custom enough, submit an original design. We opted for Pure Contemporary's colors on this modern print.

According to the testimonials on the site, the colors on the screen are nearly dead matches for the final product. This is a bit surprising, given that screen colors are made up of Red, Green, Blue while printing colors are made up of Cyan, Yellow, Magenta. Color mapping software certainly exists, and kudos to the technical team if they have mapped the palettes so precisely.

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