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April 24, 2009

Curtain Call for These Rings ...

Kontextur_Curtain_rings It's a glorious day; we're finally taking a break from April showers. But if you still insist on thinking water, at least make it the indoor shower. With glass stalls and all, we've forgotten that some still use the curtain and those sometimes nasty to work rings. Nothing is worse than being perched on the top of a tub trying to manipulate those rings. Well maybe one other thing is worse, having plain old ordinary bathroom rings hanging the curtain you so carefully selected.

Apparently Kenneth Schiller, designer and owner of Manhattan-based Kontextur, agrees about the utility and also thinks that color is key. He has created several that is a complete departure boring old curtain ring -- using vibrant candy-colors shaped in squares (shown here), bamboo or a rounded version which is available in gold, black, silver and chalk.

A box of 12 retails for $50 from the site, and right now, the company is offering 10 "needy" bathrooms a chance for a boost in color. Contest ends May 1.

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