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May 27, 2009



Just as LED lighting is hitting its stride, a new version is catching up. Check out OLED, from WAC lighting. Used here in its OLED Chandelier, WAC 's design uses eight colorful, transparent, one-inch OLEDs, including a panel that depicted the WAC Lighting logo. (We forgive the logo stunt only because this version was used as a tradeshow display.)

But what is OLED?

An OLED (Organic Light Emitting Device or Organic Light Emitting Diode) features a thin film display technology that began to appear in cell phones and other small-screen applications in early 2000. OLED screens consist of a series of organic layers between two electrical contacts (electrodes). OLEDs are monolithic, with each layer deposited on the other, creating a single unit. Commonly constructed on glass, OLEDs can also be fabricated on plastic and other flexible films.

They offer bright, colorful images with a wide viewing angle, low power, and high contrast ratio. They can also be made transparent, enabling them to function in heads-up displays and even as window shades that react to sunlight. OLEDs do not need backlights, and screens can be made ultra thin. OLED's color, speed, thinness, transparency and flexibility make it a very versatile display technology.

We must mentio too, that the power consumption is only 0.18-watt for each OLED. Not bad. Now if they could just drop the logo from the chandelier display.

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