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July 08, 2009

Ahoy modern!

I grew up on boats. From grandpa's big motor boat to dad's sailboat, to purchasing one with my husband. Life on the open water is as close to perfection as I can imagine. However, as our lives become more complicated, work demands increase, and family grows in size, how can we accommodate our needs while still floating blissfully?

From the clever makers of MetroShed and MetroCabin comes the MetroShip -- for those of us who are more sea-worthy.

MS 1 MS 2 

MS 3 MS 4

Every boat is equipped with a high-end kitchen & bath. The open living area features a full HD TV projector for TV, movies, gaming, internet or e.mail. Sound is courtesy of Jamo in-wall speakers. The kitchen island and full size bathroom divides the living area from the master bedroom. Additional bedroom 'pods' are available in the living area that rise from the floor.

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-- allie

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