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July 28, 2009

TepanGrill Table

Take the art of Tepanyaki out of the restaurant and into the home with the TepanGrill Table by Troy Adams Design.


This unique outdoor dining table with built-in stainless steel cooktop is shown in honed absolute black granite, but it can be custom built in any material or size. The infrared heat from the grill has a similar effect to that of traditional coal charcoal, eliminating the smoky effect. The grill has a downdraft ventilator to eliminate smoke, grease and other cooking odors. Dual heating from the direct heat of natural charcoal and the radiant heat also adds to the remarkable flavor of the food. Suitable not only for Yakiniku and steak, but also for seafood. Dimensions shown are 30” tall and 4’ x 4’ wide. Retails for $14,500.

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