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August 27, 2009

One Good Chair

Charity2_large_thumbnailDesigners and students around the world have been creating sustainable chairs expressive of their own environment for the annual "One Good Chair: Fit Right Here" Design Competition that will be held during the inaugural September Las Vegas Market.

The judges have spoken. The following are the 2009 One Good Chair: Fit Right Here finalists:

Andrej Blazon, Movo Mesto, Slovenia : "The Charity Chair." This chair is made of recycled/recyclable materials and its Escher-like shape is inspired by the cornets worn by the Daughters of Charity order (i.e. a nun's hat).

Bamtak views_large_thumbnail Azul Cadenas, Miami Shores, Florida: "BAMTAK Chair." This chair pays homage to the chaise lounges in which Argentinians sit during "asados," or barbecues. Made of bamboo found near the Delta River in Buenos Aires, this chair is a more compact version of the traditional chaise, aimed at urbanites looking to lounge without taking up too much real estate.

01_large_thumbnail Helene Cany, Cambrai, France: "Sediliegi Chair." Designed to evoke the sensibilities of Turin, the Sediliegi was inspired by the seats in Fiats and Ferraris (both made in Turin). Made of molded cork, with seating for two people, the lounge chair is easy to transport and a comfortable spot from which to gaze at the Alps.

Detailed information on the three finalists and 20 semi-finalists can be located at

For the first time, prototypes of the finalists' chairs will be on exhibit during September Las Vegas Market Sept. 14-17. Patagonia Legacy and Piper Plastics worked to manufacture the prototypes.

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I love to keep different kinds of chairs at various corners of the home.They define the mood of the corner...some in the french lounging style...some wooden and in oair...they would invite people to come and enjoy their time in the home...some accompanied with a music system...some with a telephone or some with just books to read.

Posted by: Bookcases | Aug 29, 2009 2:49:40 AM

I'm so excited to be part of the "one good chair" competition. My chair along with the other finalists will be at the show next week. I'd like to thank Patagonia Legacy for producing my design and getting it to Vegas on time.

Posted by: Susan Drescher | Sep 10, 2009 6:24:53 PM

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