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September 19, 2009

Hang in there


Lamp 2

Looking for something to do with your recyclables? The Organelle Design Studio will gladly take them off of your hands -- creating lamps from recycled wood, plastic clothes hangers, and plastic bottles.

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-- allie

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Patio Heater: Lights, Music, Heat


Chilling with friends outdoors shouldn't mean shivering.

So we have our eye on patio heaters. Here's one from Grand Hall, the Taiwan-headquartered grill company. Grand Hall has taken the gas-fed heating elements and turned them on their side -- to make this free standing patio heater. The 6' high heater also includes sound system and LED lights. iPod® and refreshments not included.

Thanks for the tip Anne! --diane

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September 17, 2009

Make way for fall (and a tax credit!)

EcoSmart Fire - Cyl & Mini T There is no need to abandon the outdoors as fall moves in.

A staple in modern homes, EcoSmart Fire officially launched their versatile alfresco models this month.

“The new models are testament to the versatility of EcoSmart Fires. They’re tough, weather resistant and portable, making them ideal for any outdoor and indoor space. The focus is on bringing the inside out and enjoying alfresco living all year round,” said Stephane Thomas, director of 

EcoSmart Fire - Cyl The Fire Company, creator of EcoSmart Fire.

The newest models -- Lantern, Cyl and Mini T -- run on Denatured Ethanol, a renewable energy and incorporate EcoSmart Fire’s new Around Burner, which is at their core.

The purchase of any EcoSmart Fire p

roduct now qualifies consumers for up to 30 percent or $1,500 in Federal

Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency.

EcoSmart Fire - Mini T

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-- allie

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September 16, 2009

Made for you and me

These days, nothing sounds better than conducting my life from the comfort of my bed -- well actually the You and Me Bed by Ennio Arosio for Ivano Redaelli.

You and Me platform bed

Plenty of room for sleeping, watching TV, working on my laptop, paying bills, dining... Really, I see no need to ever leave it -- or the linen, cotton, jersey, wool, Italian cashmere and Mongolian suede that can cover it!

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-- allie

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September 15, 2009

Kevlar Lighting


To celebrate the ten year anniversary of collaboration between Marc Sadler and Foscarini, the Italian lighting manufacturer is introducing a special edition of Mite, the first product they ever designed together. Despite its imposing size, Mite is lightweight with a slender outline,  seductive and luminous body. Innovative and timeless, this new version is made from a combo of Kevlar and carbon fiber, (previously separate in the two original versions) with  fiberglass. Mite was the winner of the 2001 Compasso d’Oro, Italy’s most prestigious design award.

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Gypsy Faire, Gypsy Flair


Gypsy Faire tents transform the standard backyard into an exotic destination. with different designs for any location, including pool-side soirees and upscale cabanas, the crafts people at Gypsy Faire utilize centuries old tent building techniques and woodblock printing along with modern influences to custom make each tent. My favorite  is Windsor Living. With a front veranda, sitting area, bedroom and full bathroom, the Windsor would make a five star camping tent - or the perfect guest house.

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Bright, Green, Modern Fabric


Sina Pearson, founder and head of New York City-based Sina Pearson Textiles, is known for infusing cheerful, sophisticated color into high-performance fabrics. Now, for her latest eco-friendly collection with Crypton Green® technologies, she utilizes the exuberant palette of India. Indian Summer, sustainably produced from post-consumer recycled polyester fibers, offers two related patterns in a total of thirteen colorways. The Crypton Green finish adds stain-, microbial-, moisture- and odor resistance, without harming the environment. The collection premiers  November, 2009.

To create the fabrics’ palette, Pearson imagined women in brightly colored silk saris standing in rice fields, a juxtaposition of hot colors with earthy green and brown landscape tones. She added hints of fruits and spices from the outdoor markets, jewels and henna dyes. “These are colors to stimulate the senses,” she enthused.

Two patterns, thirteen colorways. The patterns take off from traditional Indian arts. Mehndi is a stylized dot-and-floral motif that looks directly to mehndi painting: ceremonial, ornate decorations on hands and feet made with henna dye. Pearson’s Mehndi is languid and flowing: ogee curves intertwined with abstract florals, all rendered in dots. The seven colorways are Gold Fortune, Joyous Orange, Energy Red, Majestic Plum, Harmony Green, Henna Brown and Cosmic Black. Ikat conjures classic ikat fabrics, a technique in which the yarns have been resist-dyed prior to weaving. Indian Summer’s Ikat features short dashes of color in random rhythms. The six colorways are named Orange Awakening, Spiritual Red, Purple Promise, Green Peace, Down to Earth Brown and Meditation Black.

Green ingredients and finish. Both Mehndi and Ikat are jacquard-woven of post-consumer recycled polyester. They use Crypton’s most innovative green production processes which meet strict emissions requirements, and are MBDC-certified Cradle to Cradle Basic. Using Mehndi and Ikat can contribute to LEED-CI points.

List prices, Indian Summer: Mehndi, $104/yd.; Ikat, $100/yd.

TO THE TRADE Info: or 212.366-1146

CONSUMER Info: Consumers may special order from or 816.531-3537

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September 14, 2009

Concrete creations

Concrete is a completely design specific medium. It allows you to conceive any color, size, shape, thickness and pattern. Pieces like this one from JM Lifestyles, illustrate the limitless of concrete -- splashes of color, color inlays, and irregular, free form shape.

Concrete table



Chatting with Fu-Tung Cheng

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-- allie

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September 13, 2009

New from Nambé

Looking for some early Christmas gifts? Nambé introduces a few new home decor items for the modernist on your list.

Butterfly 1 Butterfly 2 Twist

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-- allie

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Serralunga Vase for Inside Landscaping

We have our eye out for ways to bring the outdoors in. The Missed Tree series was designed for Milan-based Serralunga by Jean Marie Massaud in 2007.

Timeless and elegant, the vases are available in metallic or lacquered finishes. The branching nature of Missed Tree II stands a formidable 78" in height (200cm) rising from a stainless steel base. The external width at the top is nearly 30" (75cm). The smallest in the collection is 22" (57cm) in height.


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