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October 21, 2009

Space Age Terrariums

Domsai_allMeet the Domsai! Space men from another planet? Try Milan, where these 10-inch ETs debuted at 2009’s Design Week. Matteo Cibic—a multi-threat creative director for architecture, design and ad brands—describes his little guys as a kind of tamagotchi for desks or side tables. These terrariums require a bit of water and sunlight, which suits Cibic's aesthetic: user interaction is a hallmark of his work. Produced in the tiny Northern Italian commune of Nove, a hot bed of ceramics, these anthropomorphic planters are all one of a kind - they are hand cast and mouth blown.

$140 at A+R.

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October 20, 2009

More Thomas Eyck

Thomas_Eyck_ThrowWhile doing this month's feature on plaid accessories, I came across this classic chair draped in a throw designed by Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings for Thomas Eyck. Without a doubt this is one of the more subdued color waves ....

Thanks, Sponge!

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More j'adorableness from our pal the pottery prince!

Custom portraits by Carter Kustera for Jonathan Adler...

Carter_txt  Carter_bottom

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Walking at Work

With the TrekDesk walking to work could be replaced by walking at work. The desk, designed to be used with any treadmill, allows workers to stand and walk all day while working. The idea of working out while at work appeals to me from a time management perspective, and it's certainly a modern response to the twin modern problems of obesity and sedentary lifestyles. But the design of this thing, couldn't it be a bit more modern too? Check out this video of the desk in action...

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October 19, 2009

Ceiling bling

Recessed lighting

From Studio Italia Designs

-- allie

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Modern Lighting

Minimal, functional, industrial- love it!


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Philip Johnson House Resurrected


In the fall of 2008, Victoria Lyon of Victoria Lyon Interiors in Old Greenwich, CT., invited a group of artisans, artists and furniture makers to collaborate on bringing an empty Philip Johnson modern house back to life and showcase it as an example of how a small but iconic mid-century modern house could be adapted for life in the 21st century.

A number of remarkable artists, including some whose work has been exhibited at the MOMA, the Met and the Louvre, contributed their work.

The houses now stands as a reminder of the importance of saving modern architecture which continues to be threatened by the proliferation of the McMansions that replace them.


Glass House Opens to Public

Five Architects you Need to Know

Furniture of a Better Glass

Philip Johnson, Dean and Dickens of Architecture, Dies

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Winterize your home

Fall is here! If you live in the northeast, it seems more like the early arrival of winter. With the change of seasons comes new smells, textures, colors, and emotions.

Bill Staubs Award–winning interior designer, and host of the weekly lifestyle series Moment of Luxury, Bill Stubbs offers tips to "winterize" your home.

My mother’s mother was very stylish and was very seasonal in the way she presented her home. I want to preface that her seasonal décor was not established by a wreath on the door or craft type things. She changed her house from season to season by refreshing the way rooms were accessorized. At the end of summer she removed polished cotton, floral chintz pillows from the sofa and replaced them with nubby woolen pillows and warm colors. The brightly colored china accessories were taken away and replaced with old brass, bowls of fresh apples, added color, and the look of fall. In my own home, I do a version of this by replacing cotton pillows with wool tapestry pillows, and I try to put away the porcelain accessories and bring out things that have rusty, rich organic colors and speak to me of that fall chill in the air.

We can all do a version of this at any price point. If you look at your current living space and think “how can I make this have a different seasonal look?” and if you take away all the accessories and think of a fresh start, this can be done at any price point -- from mass retail chains to upscale boutiques. This is just a matter of taking a creative approach to reinvent your rooms to celebrate the change of season.


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-- allie

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October 18, 2009

What's your number?

New from Modern House Numbers

Numbers 3
Numbers 2


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-- allie

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October 15, 2009

Custom Baby Strollers

Kid Kustoms goes was only a  matter of time.


The King of Car TV, Bud Brutsman and wife Adrienne Janic from Overhauling just received their Roddler.


Pin-up queen Sabina Kelley with Grace-Lynn in her new custom Roddler.



Kid Kustoms Debuts

The next must-have stroller

Riding in style

Stokke of Genius

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