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October 19, 2009

Winterize your home

Fall is here! If you live in the northeast, it seems more like the early arrival of winter. With the change of seasons comes new smells, textures, colors, and emotions.

Bill Staubs Award–winning interior designer, and host of the weekly lifestyle series Moment of Luxury, Bill Stubbs offers tips to "winterize" your home.

My mother’s mother was very stylish and was very seasonal in the way she presented her home. I want to preface that her seasonal décor was not established by a wreath on the door or craft type things. She changed her house from season to season by refreshing the way rooms were accessorized. At the end of summer she removed polished cotton, floral chintz pillows from the sofa and replaced them with nubby woolen pillows and warm colors. The brightly colored china accessories were taken away and replaced with old brass, bowls of fresh apples, added color, and the look of fall. In my own home, I do a version of this by replacing cotton pillows with wool tapestry pillows, and I try to put away the porcelain accessories and bring out things that have rusty, rich organic colors and speak to me of that fall chill in the air.

We can all do a version of this at any price point. If you look at your current living space and think “how can I make this have a different seasonal look?” and if you take away all the accessories and think of a fresh start, this can be done at any price point -- from mass retail chains to upscale boutiques. This is just a matter of taking a creative approach to reinvent your rooms to celebrate the change of season.


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