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December 06, 2009

Waterfall Bathroom Fixtures

A one-time social status in Asia, the fan's graceful lines and motion was elegantly transformed by SSi™ (Sustainable Solutons International) to be one of eight collections for the fluid line of bathroom fixtures. This Fan offers a completely flat spout, allowing a waterfall effect from either the tap or the tub fixture. Created in -- --diane

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I have read your article.It was so informative.Such a good article what you have written.Thanks for sharing your information with us.

Deirdre G

Posted by: Real estate Philippines | Feb 16, 2010 10:40:40 PM

Wow! this newly invented waterfall bathroom was so cool. The design was very unique and artistic. Its features are kinda refreshing. If I have that! I'd probably stay long in my bathroom. Smart post. Thanks for advertising such work of an art.

Posted by: indoor waterfall | Dec 19, 2010 10:27:27 PM

I can't help but adore this bathroom fixture. It is very unique and beautiful.

Posted by: plumbing | Apr 2, 2011 10:01:37 AM

This is so lovely. I also want to have a one of this kind waterfall faucet.

Posted by: bathroom plumbing | Apr 19, 2011 7:37:59 AM

This is very unique! Accessories like this is ideal to use because it is functional and it is decorative. This has the ability to provide beauty to any bathroom.

Posted by: Plumbing | May 7, 2011 6:33:49 AM

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