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January 20, 2010

Reclaimed wood countertops

Reclaimed wood Artisan Group’s Reclaimed line of Heritage Wood countertops recycles wood from original sources including barns, factories, warehouses, textile mills and other commercial buildings, and meets Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) specifications as eco-friendly.

“Reclaimed wood is great for the environment, and each material has its own unique characteristics and history that add warmth to kitchen countertops, bathrooms and beyond,” says Chad Seiders, Executive Director, Artisan Group. “In addition to its beauty, Heritage Wood has a long-standing commitment to forestry conservation and sustainable forestry practices.”


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Up & Out

Their two-level, three-bedroom house just wasn't enough for Damon and Claudia Smith -- so they grew up & out.

Seattle home

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January 19, 2010

Time Marched All Over This Thing

Boca do Lobo, I usually love you. You're outrageous and lavish and a bit ironic. But this new item...I'm not sure about it.

Lets take a look:

An over the top, gilt and transparent alarm clock. I get that it's a comment on design, ornamentation and time marching on, but was it necessary to make that observation by standing a 1980s digital alarm clock atop a set of rococo legs and dangling a pendulum from it? There's a lot happening here, and none of it's good.

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Wild Coffee Table

The Practice of Everyday Design's Stalac coffee table. It's based on the idea of taking a rectangular section from a cave ceiling and using the Stalactites as the table legs. They tried it and it worked.

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Bright Modern Outdoor Fabrics

Colores-de-mexico4_1Stacks of handwoven serapes and ponchos in the stalls of Mexican markets inspired Sina Pearson's latest collection of outdoor upholstery fabrics, premiering early Spring. Taking off from the archetypal rib weaves and bold colors of Mexican folk textiles, she infused her own modern spin, resulting in the sophisticated palette and rhythmic patterns of Colores de Mexico. The new series comprises five complementary styles (three stripes, a floral and a solid) in a total of 23 colorways that are "exponentially" interchangeable: Due to the variations of hues in each colorway, clients may devise a multiplicity of combinations from entirely neutral (black-brown-white) to neutral-with-bright, to chili pepper hot.

List prices: Poncho, Serape and Rebozo $136/yd; Flora $122/yd; Tela Solar $54/yd

TO THE TRADE Info: or 212.366-1146

Consumers may special order from- Museo, Kansas City, 816.531-3537; Enid Ford, San Francisco, 415.255-1777; Rearrange, Chicago, 773.904-8604; Fannin Interiors, Phoenix, 602.840-8088; Du Graf Associates, 206.281-9366.

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January 18, 2010



Bruhl does beauty right- the green way. Love them!



Top Modern Sofas Revealed!

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Aubergine Outdoors

Alfa from Molteni&C. Available in seven bright colors, including fashion's current darling, purple. MolteniGroupMetropolitanNewsletterJanuary122010

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Decadent decor

Some wall bling from YLighting.

Wall light 2
Wall light


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A little rock

The Iglooplay Mod Rocker designed by Lisa Albin.

Mod rockers

Inspired by African stools that cup the body, the Mod Rocker's form is wide and low to the ground, with a weight capacity of more than 450 pounds.


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January 15, 2010

Eco-Friendly Modern Dollhouse

A green dollhouse that makes adults think, this rubberwood palace features a wind turbine, solar cell panel, a barrel for collecting rain and recycle bins. Shade canopy can be pulled down to prevent or allow wind and sunlight to come in.  It's on sale at Land of Nod for $114. 

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