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January 11, 2010

Paws please

As always, my house in under construction. We joke that it will be complete just in time to sell it. This time it is a complete gutting of our second floor to make way for a nursery and a proper master bedroom. Our current first floor bedroom is being transformed into a bedroom fit for a king – also known as our 4 year old boxer.

Snicker and judge all you want, but having a retreat for an 80 pound energy machine is a modern must-have -- especially with a tiny babe on the way.

This not so humble abode will be equipped everything my pooch needs (and wants) – from his feeding tray and toys, to his comfort crate and medications, and everything in between. And by in between, I mean sofa. Now I’m not completely irrational – I will not be purchasing a new sofa. I already have a small white low-lying mod sofa that was originally purchased for our living room (until we realized that you cannot properly sprawl out on a small white low-lying mod sofa). However, had I been in the market for something custom-canine, the Rodeo Dog Bed from Chiasso would be a contender.



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