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March 04, 2010

Wanted: New Business Strategy

What's worse for these South Carolina interior designers - being robbed or the fact that they only had $8 in the till? (See article)

Is business this bad everywhere out there? Let us now how it's going in your neck of the woods.

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Modern Architect Paul Rudolph

Documenting architectural losses could produce enough work to fill all of New York's galleries. Here's just one, sad example...


A masterfully poignant new photography show featuring images of abandoned, soon-to-be destroyed homes designed by modernist maestro Paul Rudolph is now on display at Auburn University's Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. "After You Left, They Took It Apart: Demolished Paul Rudolph Homes," running through April 17, consists of 15 digital C-prints taken between 2006 and 2007 by architectural photographer Chris Mottalini.  

See more images of Paul Rudlph's work.

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Hue Awards

Color them proud! Diamond Baratta Design has become the first interior design firm to win Benjamin Moore & Co.'s Hue Lifetime Achievement Award.

Here's how.

You can be a color expert too...just follow these tips and choose perfect paint colors.

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Soak it in

A luxurious bathroom makeover with a view really worth soaking in...


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March 03, 2010

Garden Party

Steel Francis chair Sweet little steel chair -- perfect for the garden or patio. Steel Francis Elkins Chair from Downtown.


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March 02, 2010

Jasper Morrison's Thoughts

Every month Jasper Morrison sends an inspiring image and his thoughts on it to Vitra Magazine. It's really worth checking out. Here's his Jan 2010 shot...

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I'm obsessed with VitraHaus, the most modern parade through history in existence.

What's in VitraHaus.

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Stacking Dinnerware

 Palace_compo  Palace_compo_04

This concept is so cool - and a great storage solution.

From A+R...

You've heard it before: "This food is so, so...architectural in concept." This stacked dinnerware takes that old chestnut to new levels--six of them. That's how many "floors" make up each "building" of these Florentine-inspired Renaissance homes. Even the roof, flipped over, is a dish.

Stefano Seletti, the founding head of SELAB, the creative lab driving the Italian brand his family started in 1964, charged frequent collaborator Alessandro Zambelli to design tableware that, well, doesn't really look like tableware when it's not in use. It appears, Stefano doesn't always keep the neatest of kitchens. These porcelain palaces certainly provide some structure to his chaos.

Prices start at $98.

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Artsy Outdoor Rugs

ImageA watercolor artist and designer, David Milliken’s signature designs have been translated into a whimsical new rug collection offering homeowners the opportunity to integrate original art into their indoor/outdoor areas.

Created from an imaginative series of playful paintings, Milliken’s area rugs conjure carefree, humorous and abstract decorative looks that offer a stylish lift to any contemporary space, from the kitchen to the sunroom.

"Original artwork is a key fashion trend when it comes to outdoor rugs, pillows, and lighting," notes Mike Voyles of, where the rugs are carried.

Milliken’s signature style is to take cues from his surroundings.

“My themes are as simple as the beauty of nature to the fun of tumbling clowns,” he says.

Not surprisingly, his collection is inspired by the works of great contemporary artists such as Paul Klee, Miroux and Bill Traylor.

These durable rugs are available with either 24 oz. high-grade nylon surface or non-slip industrial-grade rubber backing, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They can be machine washed or spot cleaned with a hose and brush. The woven back is recommended for indoors or covered patios, decks or porches and may need a carpet pad to prevent slipping. Rubber backed rugs are ready to go in all weather conditions.

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Glass chandeliers from Robert Kaindl

Subtle, no. Striking, absolutely. More from Robert Kaindl.

Chandelier 2


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