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April 13, 2010

Outdoor Wood Deck Tiles

Wood_Deck_Tiles If you want to completely change the look of your worn outdoor patio surfaces or just want a new space to kick back in the sun, stylish furniture-grade wood deck tiles could be the answer. Outdoor deck tiles revitalize cracked surfaces and add a warm and welcoming look to a balcony, patio, sunroom or an existing wood deck.   

What I love about these tiles is that anyone can install them. They have an interlocking grid connected to the back so that they easily snap together without having to use nails, screws or adhesives. They also create a luxurious contemporary look comparable to a high end piece of furniture. I’ve had customers tell me that they easily installed their floor themselves in one day which saved them loads of time and money. One customer loved the fact that her new floor had striations and was comfy to walk on just like her living room hardwood.

Keep in mind that all deck tile systems are not created equal! Commercial Grade tiles feature premium grade woods and UV stabilized polypropylene backing that creates a tight lock between each tile and will last for many years. Lower grade tiles use cheaper woods and plastic frames that will warp and crack from UV exposure. Available in Ipe, Garapa, Curupay, Rosewood and Teak, they naturally resist rot, insects and decay and look great with a simple oil application once a year.

If you are interested in a “green” alternative then know that these earth friendly woods are reclaimed and re-usable and come from certified forests. The backing is made of petroleum free composites. -- Mike Voyles of Home Infatuation.

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Really, these outdoor deck tiles are the best way to refresh broken surfaces and add a warm look to a balcony, patio, sunroom or an existing wood deck.   

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How nice it would be to have an outdoor home addition that you will actually want to spend time in like that of decks, porches and patios. What to consider when planning for a home improvement project would be the owners' lifestyles - if the residents actually enjoy spending time outside and what they can possibly do while staying there. For patios, a nice garden or lawn can complement each other showing a nature-loving feeling. For those who prefer decks, do not forget to check on the community's building codes because the allowed height can vary in some states.

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With installing tiles, make sure that you know exactly what you are supposed to do so that you can place each of them properly. This is a practical means to not spend a lot but if you like to learn more, you can always seek some advice from companies who have this kind of expertise.

Posted by: Albuquerque home builders | Jan 9, 2012 12:52:54 AM

You could have nice outdoor deck tiles with the help of professionals because they could give ideas to ensure that you would be very satisfied with the outcome. Through this, you could improve the look of your house making it more attractive.

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