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September 28, 2010

Behind the Curtains - Halloween holiday table


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Rain Chandelier

We often speak of designs having an organic profile or a naturalistic silhouette, but it’s rare to come across a piece that captures the multi-sensorial experience of outdoor phenomena. In this regard, ilan.el’s Rain Chandelier is the exception to the norm. The piece combines the musicality of the hanging chime, the illuminating allure of filtered light, and the tactile appeal of polished metal. Rain is essentially a pendant lamp constructed of suspended metallic cylinders lit from within.
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September 27, 2010

Home Infatuation modern gifts for the home

Modern-red-wreath Want to give a gift that will be in family stories for years to come? If you’re struggling to give something special, think about the Great Outdoors. As homeowners spend more time outside than in, gifts that add fashion to the patio or sunroom are not only unexpected, but will actually be used. Many homeowners consider this space an outdoor extension of their indoors. So when selecting a gift for an outdoor room, consider items that provide a function, reflect the personality of homeowners and complement their decorating style. Start a thoughtful tradition with gifts that celebrate the home.
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September 25, 2010


From Andrea Evans, Interior Design Expert & Owner of In The Pink Boutique

Fall-color-trends 1.) When decorating for fall, be sure take advantage of all of the colors on the fall palette: deep reds, warm browns, pale mauves, vibrant purples, and the more traditional orange and yellow shades of pumpkins and fall vegetables.

2.) To bring charm to your entryway add golden, red, and orange maple leaves to a plain wheat wreath for your front door and plant red and orange mums in outdoor planters.

3.) Set your table and spruce up your kitchen. Create a centerpiece out of small pumpkins, maple leaves, berries, feathers, and seed pods.

4.) Use strategic fall accessories to bring elegance to each room. Place autumn berry vines in the window sills, and autumn colored throw pillows and blankets on the couch.Colorful candles, simple pictures, and wooden pumpkins give your living space a charming feel.

Bilbao-weiman 5.) Look for furniture pieces that are neutral and warm in color and fabric. Gold, brown, and mocha couches work especially well for the fall season. To create a warm, cozy feel, decorate with a few wooden furniture accents that complement the couch such as a coffee table and end tables. Only use three or four pieces in your living area to avoid clutter and keep the look contemporary. (Pictured - Bilbao from Weiman)

6.) Don’t forget candles! Carve out the center of fruits and vegetables such as apples and pumpkins to create votive holders, and use larger pumpkins for pillar candle holders. Even when not lit candles bring warmth and beauty in their season’s colors. Fall-fruit-sculpture

7.) Tuck small pumpkins, Indian corn, and apples into corners of vanities in the bathrooms and bedside tables.

8.) Tie your fall décor together by making your home smell like fall. Boil three cups of water, and reduce to a simmer. Add four cinnamon sticks, one teaspoon vanilla extract, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon, half a teaspoon of nutmeg and slices of oranges and apples. Allow to steep for thirty minutes, remove from heat, and let the fragrance fill the air!

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September 15, 2010

Skinny fridge

Here I thought “split-level” referred only to homes—and among the least attractive ones at that. But this particular jargon has made a horizontal transfer of sorts to a very vertically-oriented product: Rangemaster’s FxF 60:40 features, a “sleek split-level layout with impressive capacity… perfect for those who are pushed for space, but won’t compromise on style.” The long and lean fridge-freezer is a veritable cornucopia of functionality.



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September 13, 2010

Child's Play modern cabinet


This cabinet by Misha Kahn was inspired by children learning to put blocks into corresponding cutouts. Misha explains “I decided to try to train myself to pick up things off my floor.” The cabinet is 6′ by 8′, made out of layers of laser cut MDF and pink foam, fiberglassed and coated in molded polystyrene, and painted white. The drawers are poplar and each have hand cut dovetails.



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The Grass Ottoman by GH Design

the-grass-ottoman-by-gh-design-large.jpg Talk about going green...


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September 09, 2010

John Pawson tells us why less is more

Pawson-house The master of minimal architecture (and my design diety) opens up in the NY Times.

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Felt Up


Designed as part of Edition Ruckstuhl - a limited edition series of twelve carpets by nine designers from canada and europe - this particular felt carpet resembles a fallen autumn leaf or perhaps a golden flake of paint from centuries past. Claudy Jongstra, the Dutch designer behind the weave of marigold-tinted felt, was trained as a fashion designer who found her calling in using felt back in 1994 after witnessing a Mongolian yurt (tent) on display in the Nederlands Textielmuseum. Since her discovery, Jongstra’s textiles have been used by leading fashion designers such as John Galliano, Donna Karan, and Christian Lacroix. Since then, her work has been dedicated to creating the soft wool fabric with a combination of either silk fibers or transparent silk organza - something that had never been seen before.

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