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August 31, 2011

Anti Stress Chair



The metal wire construction of the Anti Stress chair acts as a frame for creating patterns, expressing ideas, illustrating concepts and having fun with furniture ! Through an individual choice of ball colours and patterns, you are given the opportunity to participate and co-create the chair. The user gets emotionally involved, creating a chair of his/her ‘very own’.

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August 16, 2011

The Lina Desk for Laptop Users

Lina-desk People who are looking for better ways to satisfy their computing needs are bound to love the Lina Desk. Designed by Francois Hurtaud, this is a contemporary desk made from lanky bent plywood objects. The design is a result of combining white ash and black walnut layers that are molded into a smooth end product.

The Lina Desk also features an open tray hidden from the upper flat surface, something you can use for placing your books or resting your keyboard below your laptop. Overall, the Lina Desk was made by considering aesthetics while at the same time reducing the possibility of wasted materials in the production process.


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UP Oversized Floor Lamps



Lucente unveils a couple of new oversized lamps for you, something that you can use indoors and outdoors as well. The UP oversized floor lamp are made from polyethylene and comes in white or ivory colors. The lamps make use of rotating molding technology and have a knitted accessory together with an embossed random spiral pattern.

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August 09, 2011

Shelving outside the box

Storage Shelving does not always have to consist of a series of right angles forming a rectilinear piece of furniture.  Shelving can be fun; shelving can be exciting!  Who doesn’t love (and need) extra storage?  Marco Fumagalli has designed a wonderful alternative to traditional shelving.  Extreme from Martex is a whimsical modular shelving system for the office full of organic cutouts to store any collection of items.



August 03, 2011

Modern Americana

Eu phoria chairThe Eu/phoria Collection is washing waves of Americana all over me. Designed by Paola Navone. Manufactured by Eumenes.

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Functional bed?

Bed-with-storage I love the shilouette of this bed, but I don't know how functional it it.

This bed from Vitamin Design offers a ledge behind the headboard for storage, item display, etc.

Based on the traditional placement of the bed, I don't know how much play the extra space would get.

More modern beds



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Practical Storage System Solution

Storage is a common problem in homes and even offices but if you want a practical solution, check this one out. Chiswick Woodworking Company has come up with a customized storage solution that one could pattern after stairways, not only providing neat storage but also maximizing space that is something that most people have to deal with.

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