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September 25, 2011

New Trend? Marble Flooring

Marble-floor My home is mostly hardwood, with the basic area rug here and there. Nothing cutting-edge in the kitchen or bathroom - boring ceramic tile. I have the hardest time committing to more permanent design features. My office has been re-done 3 times in 5 years, same for the guest bedroom. My kitchen has be painted more times than I can count. And while I don't know if I could commit to the Woogie Collection, I like to imagine it splashed throughout my home. A girl can dream.

Forming one of the three Woogie Coltiection inlaid marble flooring desig ns by Budri, the various shades of blue, orange, and white make up the swirling Kaos: A throwback flooring artwork design to the 1960’s and 70’s.

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September 22, 2011

Baby Hammock

New mothers will appreciate the innovative design of the Moses Basket Baby Hammock. Designed  by Airdeje Design, the hammock is light-weight making it also portable and easy to carry in a canvas bag. The baby hammock will ensure that your bundle of joy is nestled securely inside and provides a gentle rocking movement. The basket comes in Pink with Purple interior, Taupe with Blue Grey interior and Grey with blue interior shading and the frame can be ordered in Natural, Black and Bleached.


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Welcome Fall!

With the first day of Fall upon us, I thought it only fitting to warm things up a bit.

Thanks to Kindle Living, we no longer have to pack it away when the leaves change. The Allison over-sized outdoor lamp doubles as a patio heater.

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Broken Glass

If you are not a fan of dividers and want a cheeky way to spice up your space management needs, these decorative glass partitions may be something neat. Made by Poesia, the glass partitions should be a great way to divide space in any part of your home, including your bedroom. The decorative glass partitions are scratch-resistant and the glass used is even 100% recyclable. They are very easy to maintain and their artistic and design work are just some of the aspects that should make your home into one fine looking kingdom to be in. 


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September 17, 2011

Wooden Bathtubs


If the Ellipse Bedding doesn't warm you up, trying sinking into the Tempoperdue will.

The Desiderio Wooden Jacuzzi is perfect for the stressed-out people and is actually built to hold two people. The tub comes with hydromassage and chromotherapy features together with a specially designed leather headrest and central plexiglass table.

More modern bath

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Mod Bedding



It may be mid-September, but it feels like November in my little corner of the world. 45 degrees, windy, and damp. My light cotton sheets that were perfect for the days of summer, but I'm now in need of something richer and cozier.

I am LOVING the new Ellipse Bedding from Dwell Studio. The textures and patterns are luxe and make me want to crawl right in. 

More for the modern bedroom

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September 08, 2011

Blinded by the light

I am a self-proclaimed scaredy cat. While I live in a city, my property is surround by several large, beautiful trees -- perfect for creating shadows and, in my mind, hiding spots. If I could install stadium lighting around my home and not be in violation of several city codes, I would.

Instead of infuriating my neighbors and run the risk of being arrested, I would like to place these delightful light installations from Rotoluxe around my yard.


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