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November 21, 2011

Acoustic Wall Panels make big impact



Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels from Anne Kyro Quinn.

With the use of natural felt and fabrics, these lush decorative panels render an artsy improvement and look that any home owner is bound to approve. As far as to the impact of the wall panels, designer Anne Kyro Quinn describes it as: “our products bridge the gulf between the urban interior and the natural landscape, and bring an elegant, unassuming beauty into everyday life.”

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Wow! Trying to make same for my home.

Posted by: Bathroom Vanities | Nov 23, 2011 1:07:28 AM

i like it .. cute and beautiful. thanks for sharing

Posted by: anna mark | Nov 30, 2011 1:57:54 AM

Cool product... is there a UK distributor?
We would be keen to consider for our site

Best regards.

Posted by: Matt | Jan 20, 2012 9:57:58 AM

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