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October 17, 2011

Get fancy in the shower


The Chandelier showerhead was designed by Mark Wanders for Bisazza Bagno, offering a lush and added aura to the bathroom for people who want to bathe in style.

It's absolutely a tad over the top -- but I kind of heart it.


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October 16, 2011

New for modern bathrooms!

graff-faucet-ametis-2.jpgI love this new, fluid bath faucet from Graff Faucets.

The Ametis Faucet by Swiss designer David Oppizzi is a space-saver, is a definite switch up from stainless steel, and comes with the added LED bonus.

More for modern bath

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October 12, 2011

Cabinet glitz

Looking for stainless steel and brass cabinet pulls and knobs in various shapes and sizes? Easy. Go into any hardware store and take your pick.

Looking for something a little funkier? The Faceted Drawer Pulls from Pigeon Toe Ceramics are a little bit of perfection. 

Cabinet knobs


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September 17, 2011

Wooden Bathtubs


If the Ellipse Bedding doesn't warm you up, trying sinking into the Tempoperdue will.

The Desiderio Wooden Jacuzzi is perfect for the stressed-out people and is actually built to hold two people. The tub comes with hydromassage and chromotherapy features together with a specially designed leather headrest and central plexiglass table.

More modern bath

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July 13, 2011

Tis the season???

I thought it was bad enough that bathing suits have been stripped from the shelves and replaced with school supplies, but now I am receiving emails for HOLIDAY, as in Christmas, decor and gifts.  I full understand standard marketing practices, but how about Fall trends before we bust out the red and green?

In protest, I am gleefully introducing you to the Outdoor Hampton Bed and Umbrella. I would like to lay around on said bed. sipping a mojito, and shredding the incoming holiday catalogs. See all the new outdoor furniture at Advance Furniture.

Outdoor lounger

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Luxury Bathtubs

We seem to have had a run of luxury tubs at 3rings of late. Last week we were graced with the resplendent allure of William and Holland’s collection of copper and brass baths. We’re starting off this week with a continuation of the theme: Tyrell and Laing’s line of large and lovely tubs evoke the timeless allure of natural stone, yet the material that makes these sensual and curvaceous tubs is decidedly modern.
More for modern baths


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June 09, 2011

The Aquaspot ELECTRIC Faucet


Making the little things a bit easier...

The Aquaspot spigot is the result of creative collaboration between Inventum, WeLL Design, and designer Mathis Heller.

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June 08, 2011

Shower power

Hansgrohe_RainBrain-1 It's the unofficial start to summer and Hansgrohe is kicking off the season with RainBrain -- an electronic computer system for the shower. Much like the highly coveted tablets and smartphones out there, the RainBrain is outfitted with an electronic touchscreen panel that allows users to select their preferences in an easy visual way. For the ultimate in customization, the system can be preset for up to four people and has options for water cascade, hot/cold shower alternation and music selection via a Bluetooth® compatible smartphone or media player- accessible via the menu function.

My favorite part -- an electronic anti-scald system to protects children (and adults) from being exposed to high temperatures by accident.

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January 09, 2011

Brooklyn Faucet from Watermark Designs

400.jpg Conjuring up images of opened up fire hydrants and children splashing along a NYC street, the Brooklyn Faucet taps into a sense of carefree nostalgia.




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December 09, 2010

Sanindusa’s Wc Care Shower Enclosures

Luxury-shower Having just returned from a four-day Thanksgiving vacation subsidized—nay, wholly financed—by certain financially sound members of the extended family, I can certainly see how one becomes accustomed to a luxurious touch or two. And by this I don’t mean anything too extravagant, but it’s definitely nice to step into a glass-walled shower enclosure with functional features and an appealing aesthetic. Portugal-based manufacturer Sanindusa knows a thing or two about exactly that. The company professes a customer-oriented philosophy, developing products “to our customer’s needs” and “implementing innovative and quality solutions.” The Wc Care line of shower doors goes beyond the usual interpretations of this objective to offer enhanced features for people with limited mobility.


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