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January 18, 2012

The Feng Bed From Alivar

So soft and inviting. The Feng bed from Alivar has a typical Italian styling and will appeal those who have a penchant for clean contemporary lines.  The low-profile bed has ben designed by Giuseppe Bavuso who has upholstered the steel frame in  polyurethane foam and macron. The base has a “silk finish”  and is made of brushed anodized aluminum.

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Settanta Collection


I've been quite obsessed with this idea of all white - white walls, white rug, white funiture. White, white, white. 

Then I look at my almost 2 year old son. Obsession shattered.

Thank you Saba Italia for this beautiful visual indulgence. 

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January 02, 2012

Flexible Vesna Lounge Sofa



The Vesna Lounge Sofa aims to render the same form of comfort you would expect from the usual ones for relaxation or even perhaps sleep.

This eye-catching sculptural piece is fluid in both form and movement as it flexes and bends to the user to make them feel so snug and comfy the designers at Nuvist even describe it as the “ultimate relaxation getaway.”

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December 26, 2011

Starburst Sheets



An interplay of subtle and bold colors, the True Modern Starburst Sheets are really striking. I just wish they were available in a size other than twin.

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October 20, 2011

Relax on a Glacier



The Glacier Chaise Lounge by Brodie Neill is made of 135 liters of molten clear glass.

The whole design gives viewers an illusionary look of a lounge carved out of ice, which incidentally weighs only 300 kgs.


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October 16, 2011

Skip the Paint


I've painted every room in my home at least 3 times in the past 5 years -- and can never quite get the effect I'm going for.

Thinking of scraping it all and going with an ultra-mod wall covering.

My current fave is the Wild Orchid Series

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Go Chair by Ross Lovegrove

Go-ChairThe symbol for magnesium in the periodic table is straightforward: Mg. Often recognized for its fame-stricken presence in supernova stars, Magnesium is also found in gorgeous designs created by man.

Take for instance the powder-coated magnesium frame sported by the Go chair by Ross Lovegrove for Bernhardt Design.


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September 17, 2011

Mod Bedding



It may be mid-September, but it feels like November in my little corner of the world. 45 degrees, windy, and damp. My light cotton sheets that were perfect for the days of summer, but I'm now in need of something richer and cozier.

I am LOVING the new Ellipse Bedding from Dwell Studio. The textures and patterns are luxe and make me want to crawl right in. 

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August 03, 2011

Functional bed?

Bed-with-storage I love the shilouette of this bed, but I don't know how functional it it.

This bed from Vitamin Design offers a ledge behind the headboard for storage, item display, etc.

Based on the traditional placement of the bed, I don't know how much play the extra space would get.

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July 23, 2011


Peek-a-boo-dresser I new way to hide your mess!

Product designer Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen changed the shape of the traditional dresser and made it pop with the Peek-a-Boo Dresser.

The drawers are laminated with bamboo and the walls are painted white so that the trays are clearly presented and have a slightly different way to open the drawers.

This was exhibited at Design and Architecture Center in Oslo, June 2011 at the Akershus University College Graduate Exhibition 2011.

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