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April 08, 2008

GREEN Student Work on Display in San Fran

Hey Green Design fans in San Fran April 16th -- Check this out...


Join the participants of the class on April 16th at Zinc Details (2410 California St.), from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, for the first-ever CCA Eco-Chair Design Competition as they showcase their final projects-affordable and sustainable chair designs-before a diverse panel of judges, including David Edwards, Kimberly Ryder, Peter Stathis, Zoe Melo, Vladimir Kagan, and Chris Deam. Guests are welcome to test out all the chairs first-hand, enter their vote for the People's Choice Award category, and enjoy great food, drinks, and live music.

In the spirit of looking and planning toward a sustainable future, as well as promoting young design talent, Bevara Design House teamed up with CCA this past fall to curate the first of an ongoing series of classes geared toward designing environment-, space-, and cost-conscious furniture design in an increasingly urban world. The idea was to foster the growth of fresh ideas in furniture design by partnering with a reputable academic institution and providing the bridge between young talent and the marketplace. The latter was where came in, lending its critique as a major retailer with valuable input about marketing, production, and sustainability-and ultimately, promising to reward one lucky student with the chance to see his or her design through to real-world production by being awarded a manufacturing and retail deal with

"We were thoroughly impressed by the quality of work and conceptual creativity expressed by these individuals in their drive toward sustainable, practical design. Their passion and innovation are reassuring signs for the future of the industry," said Stacy Jorgensen, President, Bevara Design House.

To attend, RSVP to [email protected].

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Plasma TV Display


The Prism 50 by Karim Rashid for OmniMount.

Anything can happen when one of the world's hottest and most unique designers conspires with OmniMount to create a new television display piece.

Get the specs and purchase info through the manufacturer, here.

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March 17, 2008

Cabbage Chair


Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, we give you the Cabbage Chair. Made by Japanese designers Nendo, the Cabbage Chair is constructed of waste paper from the pleated fabric industry.

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March 05, 2008

Adelina Sofa


A new design gets classic cred with Knoll upholstery. The Adelina sofa from Designlush reveals the allure of curves. Available in mohair, linen, ultra suede, wool, leather, even fur, this sofa can take on any personality.

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February 04, 2008

Maison & Objet

By Lloyd Princeton

The Maison & Objet show is perhaps the finest example of what the home furnishings industry has to offer to the world. What’s significant is not so much the exceptional product that is displayed as much as the entire environment that is created by the attendees from around the world. In a word, they have style! Design professionals mingle with retailers and wholesalers while perusing the miles of displays which include the most au currant furniture, accessories, and most importantly, textiles! All mixed with the old guard selections that are as relevant today as they were when first created. The attention to detail is what reminds me of why I love this industry so much and why Paris is the pairfait setting for this remarkable show. If you really want to be invigorated, attend the next show September 5-9!

Mixed among the regular displays were tremendous pavilions by some of the most respected names in the industry from Walter Steiger and Fendi Casa to London-based Chase Irwin and the ever trend-setting Designers Guild and Roma. New to the show is Michael Devine with his yummy fabrics! The show was attended by many clients and friends including the impeccable designersPhilip Gorrivan and Thomas Burak.

The highlight of the entire show was an evening party hosted by Baker, Knapp & Tubbs and Pierre Frey at the Palace of Versailles. It was truly a magical evening complete with 17th century muscians in costume and the royal apartments lit with light that was consistent with that which was seen in Louis 14th time. Champagne flowed and hors d' oeuvre trays danced among the many industry luminaries including Rachel Kohler, Laura Kirar andRichard Frazier, Jacques Garcia, James Druckman, and two of my favorites, Frank Lyon and James Caughman from Baker.Helen Fifield from the Chelsea Design Centre brought her lovely daughter and they enjoyed the company of the Baker showroom manager Andrew Smith. Two showroom powerhouses, the immutableMyra Hines (Hines & Company) and Greg McIntyre (Shears & Window) mingled with each other while our friends (Kate Kelly Smith, Steven Drucker, and Newell Turner) from House Beautiful gathered notes for their upcoming issue, no doubt. The eponymous tastemaker Harry Hinsonwas seen holding court and of course, the evening would not have been complete without Katherine Scully from Architectural Digest. Seen strolling down Fauborg St. Germaine were George Maserand Doug Kinzley of Kneedler Fauchere. I know there were more people, but alas, the champagne was flowing!

This leads to my final thought. It seems like everyone has been talking about luxury and that it is the market to focus on for true high-end designers. Unfortunately, as with many good things, an overuse of the word has caused it’s meaning to be diluted. Getting a frappucino from Starbucks can be a luxury to some people. With this in mind, it’s time in expand our vocabulary and find a new word of choice. How about sublime? According to one of the Webster’s definitions, it means “ the greatest or supreme degree”. Consumers seek designers to create one-of-kind environments, to personalize their services, and to evoke an emotional response. So, let’s give “sublime” a chance or find a better word that we, the design industry, can make the new word of choice, setting the trend, not following it!

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January 21, 2008

See Our Readers 'Round the World!!

We just finished compiling our reader stats for 2007 -- and one of the most interesting statistics was looking at where all of you come from. More than 200 "countries" were represented with the most readers being from the United States, while single individuals from countries like Tajikistan, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Rwanda, Sierra Leone -- and Vatican City (that's a non-sequitor if I ever saw one) found us. Because we love watching this design community that we are helping to bring together -- we added the "Feedjit" widget to the blog which allows us to see real-time where in the world people are coming from. The box refreshes daily -- and if you drill down on it (click on it), you can see where in the world we are read!


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January 14, 2008

WeeHouse Makes Big Changes


A leader in environmentally conscious pre-fab homes and custom architecture, weeHouse started 2008 with a web redesign and a renewed commitment to its core green values.

Alchemy Architects announces, a redesigned Web site, for people interested in learning more about Alchemy’s weeHouses, custom architecture, and past as well as proposed projects.

"Good+Cheap+Fast" is the motto for Alchemy’s contemporary prefab architecture; "Good+Helpful+Fast" is the motto for the new Web site. Within the field of architecture, Web sites have traditionally been used as on-line portfolios and corporate publicity vehicles, but for Alchemy, the Internet has long been a primary means of communicating with and informing potential customers. Alchemy likes trees—a lot—so no printed brochures are available.

Their redesigned Website takes modern architectural practice one-step further by introducing a complete line of weeHouses ready for purchase (Alchemy has proven experience with 15 built contemporary prefab structures and over a dozen on the drawing board).Two easy-to-navigate sections, "weeHouse/prefab" and "custom architecture," clearly illustrate the range of Alchemy’s work. 

The weeHouse/prefab section features innovative arrangements of one-module Singles and two-module Pairs, offering up 11 different weeHouses. Ranging from one to three bedrooms and complete with interactive, 3-D exterior renderings, geographicpricing is listed by range. As a focused refinement of Alchemy’s weeHouse prefab system, weeHouse design utilizes highly efficient floor plans and sustainable elements such as bamboo flooring, fibercement siding, in-floor heat, and low-e AndersenWindows. Illustrated by user-friendly, interactive, and crazy-fun 3-D drawings, the Web site invites visitors to rotate around the outside of each weeHouse (which is very helpful considering that, to-date, most are privately owned and not available totour). The Web site also provides floor plans, kitchen and finish options, and budget planning tools online or as downloadable PDF’s.  By launching this weeHouse line, Alchemy is able to provide the benefits of pre-design and prefabrication and bringsustainable, modern houses to more people more affordably. The custom architecture section includes a gallery of Alchemy’s renovations, new home construction, and commercialwork. While each project is unique, evidence of Alchemy’s design style is clearly visible. 

Additional sections of the Web site include galleries of past and on-going projects, selected press, staff and office information, and an exhaustive FAQ including the Alchemist’s favorite books (hint: they have lots of color pages). Beyond being simply an informational tool, Alchemy's playful new Web site reflects the character of the office with engaging, whimsical-yet-industrial elements beginning with a toggle switch on the home page.  Photographs of Alchemy’s projects—from the ‘paddle’ handle on the Anodyne Coffee House to the mattress spring chandelier featured in the WeismanArt Museum to the now iconic Arado weeHouse—let you know you’re looking at a firm where design, function, reuse, texture, industry, and play all come together. Strong client-architect relationships are just one of the ‘perks’ of working withan Alchemist. That starts with having a Web site that engages and explains, is interactive and informational.

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December 11, 2007

Resolutions for 2008 Focus on the Home

Ringing in 2008 may also mean ringing up some local contractors, if predictions by the team at hold true.

Basing its predictions on the most recent goals MyGoal community members have indicated, MyGoals says that instead of buying additional homes for investments or vacationing, people will look toward investing in their main home.

"It's just like the what the economists tell us," said Greg Helmstetter, CEO of "When people stop buying houses, they concentrate on improving the house they've already got."

Last year, 30% of all real estate-related goals were to buy a home, whereas 45% were to improve a home. This year, only 9% of real estate goals will relate to buying a home, whereas a massive 64% will involve improving a home.

While home improvement is often a form of financial investment, as a goal category, it includes some benefits that are not unlike those seen in goals related to personal growth.

"Improving your home — whether you do it with your own two hands or hire professionals — can be an extremely challenging and rewarding experience," says Helmstetter. "It's a very creative process, always involves learning, and results in happiness and other tangible benefits that will surround you every day for years to come. All in all, putting money, hard work, and love into your home is not only good for the home, it's good for the family and good for the soul."

So go for it guys, this may just be your year.

Have questions about Home Improvements? Ask the Experts at Pure Contemporary.

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November 27, 2007

3 Years, Over 1 Million Readers & Now Search!

We launched PURE CONTEMPORARY in October of 2004, and in those three years, wow! we have grown. Nearly 120,000 unique visitors come to our pages every month. That's way more than a million readers a year! But as much as we want to be the only resource for all you lovers of modern, we have to concede that there are thousands of sites that offer snippets of what you may be looking for.

That's why, this month, Pure Contemporary launched Pure Contemporary Search. This is the only search engine that  indexes sites from around the world that offer, talk about or feature modern and contemporary design. The list of sites out there will continue to grow -- please feel free to send your suggestions to search(at)purecontemporary(dot)cSearch2om.

We've even created a special widget that you can put on your blog, website, or personal homepage, that will let you, your readers or clients, search for modern and contemporary -- whenever you want.

Code to put on your site:

Follow this link to find the code. Copy and paste it onto your site for easy access to Pure Contemporary Search.

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October 22, 2007

Modern Kitchens on the Web

The ALEX VITET DESIGN website delivers what consumers looking for innovative bath products have been begging for: a full service, e-commerce for international residential and commercial customers.

Alex Vitet's goal for the site is to preview new items before the residential or commercial market is made aware of them. And based on my run-through of the products available there, he's already doing a good job of that.  The ANTELOPE
bath collection-1 is the first segment launched. A premiere collection of 55 essential items, the line is American manufactured under Alex's creative direction.

ANTELOPE is made of DuPont Corian with four washbasin designs, countertops, shelves, earth graphic panels, shower landing and boxes. The individual selection and mix of these items together create a unique composition suitable for homes, restaurants, hotels, or resorts.

The collection's decorative graphic panels are based on true, hi-res, digital photographs of sandstone. Meant to evoke a look and feel of serenity, these panels are made of Laminated Glass with full-color, digitally printed inter-layers.

So far a gorgeous collection promising new products in lighting, furniture and table, Alex will continue to add new items to  the site and to the Antelope' collection.

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