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May 19, 2010

TROVE Debuts Marquee & Talks to PC

TROVE glammed up ICFF this weekend with the debut of Marquee, its glass bead embossed papers. The Marquee treatment is an option for any of TROVE's existing designs, and once you've seen it, you'll want it.

It's shiny, elegant and even tough. This wall covering is commercial-grade 2 ply, ready to stand up to just about anything.

The designs TROVE comes up with continue to amaze  us, so naturally, We had some questions for TROVE founders Jee Levin and Randall Buck. Here's what they had to say...

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May 18, 2010

Modern wall coverings

Frost is Chilewich's latest, just unveiled at ICFF. It's shown here as a floor covering but it's also meant for walls. A great solution for stairwells, where paint and wallpaper are oft touched and dirtied. This is about as easy to clean as it gets.

See more of Chilewich's newest patterns

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May 06, 2010

Inspiration from a Mother of Modern

This 103-year-old mother of modern manages to tap into her creative spirit everyday...we find out how!

Getting control of our creative selves, and channeling that creativity into worthwhile projects takes time and stamina. That's assuming you have the inspiration to begin with. With everything we have to do in a day, creative expression barely stands a chance. But maybe we should move expressing ourselves closer to the top of the list.

Looking at 103 year-old Eva Zeisel, I  see a slew of benefits to creativity, though reaping them takes effort. Zeisel survived 12 months of solitary confinement under Josef Stalin and moved from country to country in Europe before finally settling in New York, where she became the first female to ever have a solo show at the NY MoMA.

In this interview, Zeisel reveals the secrets to her success...

See how Eva survived life in a Soviet prison camp to become a major force in modern design.


Two Female Designers to Admire

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May 04, 2010

Seeing Light Bulbs

A new study found that seeing light bulbs actually spurs bright ideas. It immediately made me think of the now iconic 1993 Droog design, 85 Lamps, by Dutchman Rody Graumans. Its 85 bulbs could incite a veritable mind riot. Pick one up at Unica Home for $3,796.

Or, go the $299 route, with the still inspiring 10 bulb version from Z Gallerie, the Loft Chandelier. Less pricey, less energy. Less enlightenment? You decide.


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May 03, 2010

Color Your Kitchen

Heat up your kitchen with neon bright colors.  Whirlpool ovens and burners infused Milan with color when they debuted these beauties. So space-age, fresh and fun.

(photos by Craig Nakano, LA Times)

Check out even more ways to infuse your home with color...

  Color-wheel-choose-modern-paint-colors   Modern-orange-living-room-new-paint-colors-trends 

And modernize your kitchen...

  Small-modern-kitchen-bright-tile   Modern-stainless-steel-professional-kitchen-thermador-blue

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Clones or Close Enough? The Emeco Chair.


Modern design quiz bowl. Are you ready?

Two of chairs above are modeled after the famously indestructible Emeco Navy chair. One of these three is that chair. The real thing, made in the US from 80% recycled aluminum, is guaranteed for life and actually lasts longer, with a lifespan of 150 years. It costs about $650. The copies are made in Asia and available in the Crate & Barrel and Sundance catalogs for under $150. 

So what do you get from an original that a knockoff can't ever deliver? And, on what basis do you decide which one is right for you? Most importantly, which of these chairs is which?


Vernor-panton-stackable-chair-original-knockoff Arne-jacobsen-egg-chair-original-knockoff 

The Emeco chair for kids!

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April 26, 2010

Recycled Modern Wallpaper- Made from Newspapers

Spring 2010 brings a noteworthy debut from designer Lori Weitzner, up-cycled wallpaper.

We've seen newspapers and magazines become bowls, containers and wall art, but this is a new one. Lori's turned her old news into Noteworthy, the wallpaper you may have once read. The old news is woven on a loom and paper backed to create a colorful, tactile alternative to grasscloth. 

Check it out...

and more modern wallcoverings...

Trove-modern-artisan-wallpaper  Modern-purple-wallpaper Twenty2-modern-handpainted-wallpaper

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April 23, 2010

Earth Day Things We Love

This month is dedicated to the environment, so we're checking out some top modern eco finds...

Mobile-garden-portable New at A plus R store is the Mobile Garden, a portable greenspace perfect for nomads or, more likely, apartment dwellers with a bit of roof space or a patio. Comes in different sizes, all made of 100% recyclable material that is UV-, frost-, tear- and traction-resistant, and even permeable to let soil breathe and drain with limited evaporation while protecting roots.  Phew, that's a mouthful of benefits and I have yet another...

Almost a year ago, the NY Times did a piece on lead in garden soil. It may get there from when the house was scraped and painted, or if a garage was removed or a home burned downed. Anyway it gets there, it stays, and leaches into produce grown in that soil. The article recommended soil testing and recommended building raised beds with new soil for produce. One of these gardens would be a perfect solution, too. So, as much as it may appeal to people with limited space for gardening, it's also got a place in larger yards. 

More modern, green trends.

Emeco-navy-childs-chairEco friendly-bookshelf    Modern-green-kitchen

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April 22, 2010

Modern LED Task Lamp


Yamagiwa, Japan’s leading lighting company, has collaborated with the Conran Shop studio on the Stem Ray Light.

The rubberized flexible stem allows light to beam in any direction.  The  LED is recessed into the stem, eliminating glare, and it all bends out like an ocean worm from a minimal zinc base.

Pretty cool, and winner of a 2010 Red Dot Award.


See more awesome modern lights.

Meet Yves Behar, designer of Herman Miller's famous Leaf Light. 


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April 09, 2010

Eames House of Blocks

Teach kids about modern design, or just get it for yourself, the Eames House of blocks...



Eames Designs

Swag for Modern Kids

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