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December 18, 2011

Plywood Christmas Tree

Modern-treeModern plywood Christmas tree from Buro North.

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October 16, 2011

HOLIDAY GIFT ALERT!!! -- Ctrl+Alt+Delete Barware Series


The super affordable, super quirky, and completely functional Ctrl+Alt+Delete drinking cups is a perfect holiday gift.

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October 04, 2011

Decorating Tips for Fall

Fall HGTV star and interior design guru Blanche Garcia sat down with Home Portfolio to give her take on how to transition our decor to reflect the warmth of the fall season.

Now that the days are getting shorter and the nights chillier, what can homeowners do to transition their decor to reflect the change of season?

Blanche: It is easy to change the mood of a home to one that’s more in keeping with the fall season. Here are a few inexpensive, easy-to-execute ideas that will have a big impact:

  • Switch out your bedspread for a poufy down comforter, and change your sheets to ones with a heavier weight/higher thread count.
  • Protect your outdoor furniture with fitted covers. Several online retailers sell great covers that fit all sizes of outdoor furniture.
  • Change out your pillows, throws, smaller rugs, and even your bath towels to ones with warmer colors, such as aubergine and burnt orange.
  • Create a mudroom area. Most of us don’t have the luxury of a dedicated mudroom, but you can create one by dedicating a space right next to the front door for boots and coats. The last thing you want in fall and winter is to track damp and debris throughout the house. It’s messy, not to mention unsanitary. This is one instance where it is worthwhile making an investment in a piece of furniture such as a wooden coat rack, a bench, or an antique storage chest that can act as an instant mudroom.
  • Bring the outdoors inside with branches, seasonal produce such as apples and gourds, and beautiful fall flowers. Go for simple arrangements, such as a wooden bowl filled with apples as a table centerpiece or a vase filled with interesting branches on the mantelpiece. A concentrated arrangement in one place makes more of a visual impact than several smaller, scattered arrangements. Think 20 oranges in a bowl, versus one on a mantelpiece.

Any words of caution for homeowners eager to decorate for fall?

Blanche: Be careful not to get too “stagy.” Shy away from draping fake garlands of leaves above the window frames. It comes off as inauthentic. When you think of your grandmother’s house in fall, what likely comes to mind are the brilliant colors of the trees and the smell of cinnamon and baked apples and pine cones.

Each season offers an abundance of natural products just waiting to be used. Pull out the crystal bowl you received as a wedding gift and load it up with pinecones. Fill the vitrine with gourds and pottery in colors of the season. It’s almost unlimited what you can do with what you already have and with what’s right outside your front door.

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February 14, 2011

All You Need is Love

Seeing Red?

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January 12, 2011

Love seat

Stanley-friedman-red-sofa The Red Collection, new from Stanley Jay Friedman.

More modern Valentine's Day

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December 08, 2010

Ring of fire

Round-indoor-fireplace Roll Rollfire to bring warmth to where you want it, ball bearings and gravity will keep the fuel tank horizontally level with the movement of the frame. Fueled with Bio-alcohol, it burns without smoke, residue or odor. Producing only water vapor and carbon dioxide as a combustion by-product, so a vented chimney isn't needed.


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December 01, 2010

Happy Hanukkah

Happy Hanukkah! Menorah-Last-Match Browse a few more modern menorahs!

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modern holiday gift list


The techie, the clothes horse, and the eccentric -- our gift list has something for everyone!

Browse now!


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November 08, 2010

whimsical, unique office gifts from chiasso


We've all been there -- a colleague gives you an unexpected Christmas gift. This year stock up on holiday gifts for your office mates with the Chiasso 15% off sale of all office gifts!

Shop now with code GIFT15

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September 27, 2010

Home Infatuation modern gifts for the home

Modern-red-wreath Want to give a gift that will be in family stories for years to come? If you’re struggling to give something special, think about the Great Outdoors. As homeowners spend more time outside than in, gifts that add fashion to the patio or sunroom are not only unexpected, but will actually be used. Many homeowners consider this space an outdoor extension of their indoors. So when selecting a gift for an outdoor room, consider items that provide a function, reflect the personality of homeowners and complement their decorating style. Start a thoughtful tradition with gifts that celebrate the home.
See more!

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