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September 25, 2010


From Andrea Evans, Interior Design Expert & Owner of In The Pink Boutique

Fall-color-trends 1.) When decorating for fall, be sure take advantage of all of the colors on the fall palette: deep reds, warm browns, pale mauves, vibrant purples, and the more traditional orange and yellow shades of pumpkins and fall vegetables.

2.) To bring charm to your entryway add golden, red, and orange maple leaves to a plain wheat wreath for your front door and plant red and orange mums in outdoor planters.

3.) Set your table and spruce up your kitchen. Create a centerpiece out of small pumpkins, maple leaves, berries, feathers, and seed pods.

4.) Use strategic fall accessories to bring elegance to each room. Place autumn berry vines in the window sills, and autumn colored throw pillows and blankets on the couch.Colorful candles, simple pictures, and wooden pumpkins give your living space a charming feel.

Bilbao-weiman 5.) Look for furniture pieces that are neutral and warm in color and fabric. Gold, brown, and mocha couches work especially well for the fall season. To create a warm, cozy feel, decorate with a few wooden furniture accents that complement the couch such as a coffee table and end tables. Only use three or four pieces in your living area to avoid clutter and keep the look contemporary. (Pictured - Bilbao from Weiman)

6.) Don’t forget candles! Carve out the center of fruits and vegetables such as apples and pumpkins to create votive holders, and use larger pumpkins for pillar candle holders. Even when not lit candles bring warmth and beauty in their season’s colors. Fall-fruit-sculpture

7.) Tuck small pumpkins, Indian corn, and apples into corners of vanities in the bathrooms and bedside tables.

8.) Tie your fall décor together by making your home smell like fall. Boil three cups of water, and reduce to a simmer. Add four cinnamon sticks, one teaspoon vanilla extract, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon, half a teaspoon of nutmeg and slices of oranges and apples. Allow to steep for thirty minutes, remove from heat, and let the fragrance fill the air!

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August 24, 2010

Fire it up for Fall

Modern-small-firepit Fall is upon us -- at least for those residing in the Northeast. Today is a crisp 60 degrees and I am loving every cool, breezy minute of it. I will now proceed to inundate you with all things Autumn -- starting with the fireplace! See more!

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June 15, 2010

Modern Gift Ideas for Dad!

Nix the necktie and the new tool. What Dad really wants for Father's Day is to feel cool. If the guy you're shopping for is anything like every other guy we know, on an average weekday he gets up, hits the bathroom, gathers what he needs for the day and heads out to work. Help him out with these fresh, modern finds he'll actually use...

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March 04, 2010

Oscars at Home, Party Ideas

Having an Oscar party? Glam it up. Colin Cowie shows us how.


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January 25, 2010

Have a Heart

More strangely compelling wine related forms made of glass from Etienne Meneau.

Big Heart can be yours for 2 500 Euros plus shipping and if you get it, you'll be in rare company. There are only 8 made, plus 4 artist's proofs.

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December 17, 2009

Hedonism for the Holidays!

Jonathan Adler's peddling hedonism this holiday season with a trove of temptations rendered in clay. His provocative porcelain includes breasts, bottoms, a suggestive banana and even a sinful salt & pepper set.

Eden What makes this guy tick? Find out here.


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Modern Gift Wrap

We love these modern ideas for gift wrap- and think the DIY types out there will too. The ideas are fresh and some of them, even green.



On the left, Chinese menus and a felt fortune cookie portend good luck in the New Year, or a trip to the returns line. On the right, a colorful patchwork and new take on a decorative bow.

See the rest


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December 15, 2009

Colorful nativity set

Inspired by an Alexander Girard illustration, House Industries created this colorful Nativity Set to brighten up the holidays.



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-- allie

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December 08, 2009

Simple chic Christmas

Bill 1 Finding yourself pressed for time (and cash) this holiday season? Award–winning interior designer, and host of the weekly lifestyle series Moment of Luxury, Bill Stubbs tells us how to have a simple and chic Christmas:

Once upon a cold, sad time some years ago, back in the 20th Century, I was not prepared for my first Christmas as a single father of two. Christmas Eve was upon me and I had no tree or decorations. I went to sleep asking God for help.

Christmas morning I awoke with the idea that someone would discard a tree before my children arrived. I went to the dumpster and waiting there was a beautiful 7-foot tree complete with a stand! It occurred to me I could create decorations with white printer paper, so I found the scissors and went to work. Paper snowflakes, paper chains and angels transformed the tree into a vision in white -- all done for a cost of $3.00.

My children remember that Christmas with great fondness and laughter the year Dad found a tree in the dumpster and decorated it with white paper!


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-- allie

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November 28, 2009

Hostess Gift!

Placecards Practical and affordable -- ceramic place cards from Home Infatuation. Write on with a dry erase marker, wipe off for next use. I love them!


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-- allie

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