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June 17, 2009

TOUCH gets InDisposed

TOUCH specializes in innovative eco-aware products for the home, so it's no surprise that they are hosting InDisposed. Originally an off-site exhibit at this year's ICFF, InDisposed is a collection of new works by design luminaries that address the notions at war in modern design: sustainability vs. wastefulness, and preciousness vs. mass production. The curators of InDisposed, Jen Renzi and Dan Rubenstein, challenged designers to create pieces that are environmentally sustainable, portable, easily disposed of, and easily mass-produced. The results range from trash bags to a bird feeder made of bread dough and paper plates made of food-grade recycled paper. A favorite in the furniture category though, is the Auto Cannibalistic Table. Check it out... and see InDisposed at TOUCH LA June24 - July 10.

Image Indisposed_atema

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May 11, 2009

Buyers Be Where?


PC headed down to Atlanta for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (K/BIS) last week, and we've  been waiting since for UPS to show up with boxes of notes, press releases, media kits, images and samples. Today is the day; they have finally arrived!

I just ripped open the boxes, searching for evidence to weigh the accuracy of my memories and corroborate my sad, digital snapshots. I found that the boxes were rather light compared to previous years, when the tradeshow floor was packed with shoppers and press room stuffed with folders, brochures, cds, dvds and samples from manufacturers jostling for position in front of media eyes. Yes, I got my slim folders, with a single page describing the product and a royal blue link to the website. I even received a few cds, and three USB Flash Drives replete with images and links. Gone were the notebooks, pens, and well-crafted press kits created in sync with the manufacturer's aesthetic.

It seems my memory is accurate. The contents of my boxes reflected a slower show, with less buyers, less exhibitors, less money and less marketing.  That's not to say the show was a flop. It wasn't.  Reports coming out now and the line towed there, match - the traffic was light but the people who came, came to buy. And, depending on what they were after, they should  not have been disappointed.  Among the trends displayed at K/BIS were a focus on bold design, color and eco-savvy materials.  Stay tuned to PC to get the details. I'll be digging through these boxes to bring you the best.

In the meantime, here's a look at the show floor on Saturday, May 2.


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April 19, 2009

Enter to win a Paul Thatcher canvas

PT Inspired by his music and love for guitars, Paul Thatcher has created some of the most beautiful and vibrant abstract Giclees. To kick off their new line of canvas art by Paul Thatcher, Advance Furniture is giving away one 30 x 30 canvas. Contest ends on April 25th 2009. Winner must reside in the USA.

Register now!

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-- allie

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April 15, 2009

Designer Night

Lighting by Gregory copy

Robert Sonneman pioneered modern lighting, making it an art form. Since 1967, his world-famous designs have been the subject of countless articles and exhibitions, many of which have become classics of the modern era.

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-- allie

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April 14, 2009

100 years of High Point

HPHigh Point Market -- celebrating 100 years of showcasing the best in home furnishing!

April 25th through the 30th


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-- allie

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April 05, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright's Buffalo homes to be deemed historic?

Buffalo, Pure Contemporary's hometown, takes a great deal of pride in the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes. This past week the owners have prompted the Buffalo Preservation Board to delay designating the two properties as local historic landmarks for at least another four weeks.

I had the pleasure of working in the Davidson House at 57 Tillinghast Place (under the previous owners), and cannot adequately describe the beauty of his aesthetic. Wright liked to keep ceilings low, yet made the height two stories in the living room, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows. Another design gem -- as I ascended a few stairs to the owner's study, the ceiling height remained the same. Every time I headed for the study I felt as if I was in a magnificent scene from Alice in Wonderland. I had just begun working for Pure Contemporary and was overjoyed at the opportunity to step back in time into the mind of one of the greatest organic architects.

Davidson HOuse

While I completely understand the owners' concerns for privacy and the right to renovate their homes, I couldn't imagine wanting to change any aspect of Wright's design and vision. Read the full article.

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-- allie

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April 04, 2009

Spring Greening Contest!


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March 25, 2009

McNeill Art Group at MADE

Made 2

McNeill Art Group will be exhibiting at MADE -- featured at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show
Pier 94, 12th Ave at 55th Street, NYC
MARCH 26- 29, 2009
paintings by PERRY BURNS
photography by TAPP FRANCKE
ceramic vessels by BILL SHILLALIES
mixed media work by BOB SCHWARZ
furniture, paintings and sculpture by JEFF MUHS

Open to Trade and VIP Only MARCH 26, 10AM-6PM ~~ Open to the Public MARCH 27-29th, 10AM-6PM

More info

-- allie

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March 22, 2009

Royal Botania hoping to bring some R&R stateside

Carefree relaxation seems to be a rare commodity in the United States. Hopefully Royal Botania’s arrival to the US market will begin to change that, or more realistically, make it more enjoyable when we do indulge. The Belgian manufacturer designs and produces aesthetically refined outdoor furniture that addresses human needs, comfort and usability.

Outdoor lounger

E-Z by Royal Botania

Read more from 3 Rings


-- allie

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Doors go designer

Doors -- one of the last frontiers of modern design. My house is no different. In stark comparison to the rest of my minimalistic modern home, my interior doors are dark, heavy, and still adorned with the original knobs (complete with skeleton keys). A cape cod built in the early 40s, my first floor features no less than 5 doors from the same era.

I've contemplated sanding and staining them. And I know new knobs will make a difference, but I want something lighter, something without the bevels and intricate carvings.

Modern door 1  Modern door 2 Modern door 3 Modern door 4

Check out more designer doors from Iosa Ghini for Barausse.

-- allie

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