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February 10, 2010

Carved Area Rugs in Blues & Greens

Nothing says modern area rug more than bold shapes, bold hues and luscious textures. We've chosen this palette of blues and greens to show off Foreign Accents carved and pile rugs, including one designed by Michael Payne (2nd from left).  Available in a variety of sizes starting at $200 for a 4 x 6.

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December 08, 2009

Innermost Mantel Dome Clock

If you are looking for a unique modern gift -- check out these mantel clocks designed by France's Cédric Ragot of the 'designedbyitem' firm for London-based Innermost. I found these little "time capsules" striking and adorable.

With a Seiko mechanism, mouth blown glass covers the power-coated time piece. Available in black or white (other colors are planned) the clock stands 6" high. -- --diane

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Protruding Clocks from Leo Yiu Chin Pong

These Insert Clocks from designer Leo Yiu Chun Pong seemingly protrude from the wall. Mounted to look like they were embedded (or the result of someone with some anger issues) this 3D modern clock is fun and eyecatching. (Better mount high enough so it is not noggin-catching to.) From what we can tell, this is still in the concept stage and not yet in production. If anyone knows otherwise, please leave a comment here! -- --diane


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December 06, 2009

Waterfall Bathroom Fixtures

A one-time social status in Asia, the fan's graceful lines and motion was elegantly transformed by SSi™ (Sustainable Solutons International) to be one of eight collections for the fluid line of bathroom fixtures. This Fan offers a completely flat spout, allowing a waterfall effect from either the tap or the tub fixture. Created in -- --diane

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November 21, 2009

Pop Quiz Math Clock

If military time is a breeze for you, then you'll love this clock that offers equations instead of numerals. These problems on a chalkboard hopefully will just evoke a chuckle and not post traumatic math class. Personally I think it's cute and clever --  and would be fairly appreciated by some engineer friends. But I have no doubt my middle school sons would not be amused.

Meeting at square root of 4? diane

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Raindrop Chandelier by Jean-Pierre Canlis

Canlis_Raindrop_ChandelierSeattle glass artist, Jean-Pierre Canlis, designed this blown-glass chandelier. The eight 'organic raindrops' hang from a 36" round metal base and are designed to be lit from the exterior, causing the drops to illuminate for a dramatic look.

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November 20, 2009

Eco – Twinkle Light by Kenan Wang

Great concept light by Australian designer Kenan Wang. Crank the handle to power the battery and turn on the light. Love the idea of tying electricity output to exercise (thinking specifically of my kids' X-box).


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October 29, 2009

Skull-king about

Hmmm, according to our Brit friends at MyDeco the skull motif is skulking its way to become a fashion icon. Check out the wallpaper from Beyond the Moon -- bronze flocked on bronze velvet pile -- available in black/gunmetal and gold -- in case you were wondering.

So while boho chic is out, death is very much in, and with Halloween looming at the end of the week we need to start embracing the darker side!

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September 27, 2009

Portable Herb Garden

Tablepotagere_1Pure Contemporary recently featured great ways to bring the outdoors in -- and our friend Anne Robert provided this gem by French firm Les Ateliers Ouvert. Made of eco-friendly material (aside from the herbs), la table-potagère (the kitchen garden table) -- is by all accounts "Green Design": A portable herb garden, that allows modern cooks the joy and essence of fresh herbs. Importing from France will be about $1600 with duty and shipping, so it is not an impulse buy. We're waiting word from the company to see if plans for distribution in the US is imminent.


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September 19, 2009

Patio Heater: Lights, Music, Heat


Chilling with friends outdoors shouldn't mean shivering.

So we have our eye on patio heaters. Here's one from Grand Hall, the Taiwan-headquartered grill company. Grand Hall has taken the gas-fed heating elements and turned them on their side -- to make this free standing patio heater. The 6' high heater also includes sound system and LED lights. iPod® and refreshments not included.

Thanks for the tip Anne! --diane

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