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March 08, 2012

May the Luck of the Irish be with you!

The “FOR2″ by After 6 Design Studio (A6DS) is a multifunctional chair designed by Sia Zanjani for two with storage space for up to 15 wine bottles and 8 wine glasses. Moreover, there is additional space in the center for books, magazines and other accessories, which makes the FOR2 a perfect product for small living spaces. The main materials used are birch plywood and 100 percent wool felt. All finishes and colors can be customized upon request. The FOR2 chair, which is sure to impress both the wine lovers, book lovers and the lovers of fine design, sells for CAD $3,500.


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October 23, 2011

The new storage unit

Acerbis 1
When On Demand entertainment goes Italian, the company Acerbis takes it to a whole new level. In their new storage unit design Newind, by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, they’ve updated the bookcase, the media center, and your wall unit shelves in one swoop, or as they’d like to say, “containing without visibly reducing domestic spaces.”

Acerbis 2
During daylight hours, open the Newind up to reveal your personal book collection or hand-painted Russian nesting dolls. Once evening falls and the dishes are done, slide your Newind shelving over and create your media center with a seamless display of pure screen for your latest Netflix or favorite television show. You’ll see no cords and no chaotic mess of VCR/DVD/CD player systems - just high-tech simplicity in action thanks to the empty space behind the panels, and upon request, wiring apertures and a central technical case with a multi-plug connection box (that houses power sockets, TV, and a phone connector).

Read more - 3rings

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October 16, 2011

Go Chair by Ross Lovegrove

Go-ChairThe symbol for magnesium in the periodic table is straightforward: Mg. Often recognized for its fame-stricken presence in supernova stars, Magnesium is also found in gorgeous designs created by man.

Take for instance the powder-coated magnesium frame sported by the Go chair by Ross Lovegrove for Bernhardt Design.


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June 12, 2011

The Corsica Chair

Modern-corsica-chair The warm wood and geometric patterns of the Corsica Chair by Ian Spencer are only high-lighted by its sexy curves. Love it!

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August 13, 2010

Ridiculous Open-Concept Luxury Loft in SoHo



Every couple months I’ll spend a night sifting through luxury properties for sale in New York City. It’s the only place in the world where you can easily find 50+ listings ranging from $5 million - $75 million at any given time. Understanding the density of Manhattan, it’s always fascinating how expensive a square foot can cost.
Most of the luxury units available are jaw-dropping condos or tall/skinny townhouses; many are conversions from old factories of the past.
Last night I came across a unit for sale in the prestigious New Museum Building, located on 158 Mercer Street in SoHo. Listed at $6.95 Million USD, it was the open-concept living space that really caught my attention. A 2,800 square foot “room” that serves as a kitchen, office, den, dining and living room. Absolutely incredible!


Take a peek inside more luxury modern homes

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July 13, 2010

Put your back into it

Bend Sofa. Designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia

B&B sofa

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March 07, 2009

Sound can be stylish

It’s a classic struggle and one that homemakers and decorators face consistently -- technology versus aesthetics. While we recognize the best homes are equipped with advanced technology, our natural inclination remains to hide it, especially bulky and unsightly home theater systems. But the truth is, great sound can contribute to the nuance of a room just as much as its carefully selected paint shades.

Enter Jamo’s wall-mounted wonder, the A 804. Released less than a month ago, this sleek, beautiful speaker brings remarkable sound and style at the same time. At just 3.9 inches deep, the Jamo A804 can be mounted horizontally or vertically – whichever fits best with your room layout.

Jamo 3

-- allie

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January 05, 2009

Fornasetti Comes Alive

Pieroetev Getting used to TVs playing endless loops of waves crashing sandy shores and coral-filled underwater scenes? Snap out of it. The modern art world comes into homes with the iconic work of Piero Fornasetti.

A new series of three DVDs by Detour Design animates Fornastetti's work for the home screen. The first of these, “Tema e Variazioni,” is now available in limited edition.

Hundreds of variations of Foranasetti's iconic, enigmatic woman’s face are used in these animations of slow moving, purely visual, decorative art for the contemporary canvas of the flat screen. Housed in an elegant custom lacquer box, each DVD is hand numbered and available through Fornasetti Movies.

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The Future of Home Electronics

Whether we're thinking of smart homes, with their elaborate information centers, or just the latest in Plasma TVs and iPod docking stations, we're always imagining the best ways to integrate state-of-the-art electronics into modern home design. We've always felt that available products come up short. Until now.

The Mecco combines modern lines, functional design and ample storage for DVR's, music, photos and any other media you have. It's a furniture cabinet control panel easily accessible from your living room, rather than a hidden panel in an electronics cabinet like most smart homes employ. And, you can set it to control electronic drapes, lighting, security...whatever.

Just check it out:

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December 22, 2008

Vycon introduces New York inspired collection

New from Vycon.

Vycon 1 Toren
Toren is a city smart pattern whose trendy mid-century modern lines and texture make you think of a strong skyline soaring on the horizon. A stroll through Central Park in New York sets the stage for Toren's bright blue and red accents including Strawberry Fields and Lake. While organic neutrals (Obelisk), and sophisticated gold tones (Gold Room), round out the lofty selection.

Vycon 2 Union Square
Familiar, unduplicated and forever in fashion - Union Square is the quintessential New Yorker both in name and in style. Influenced by grass cloths and natural weaves, Union Square's textural pattern stands the test of time - always new, always fresh. 16 inventive colorways work a perfect fit with Union Square's woven grain.

Vycon 3 Metro Line
Metro Line is crisp and contemporary - an urban professional at home with modern, structured rooms. Yet, its horizontal lines and textured woven surface has a certain retro appeal - a throwback to the 50's and 60's. Capturing past and present design trends, Metro Line's 20 colorways are influenced by the latest textile fashions and color movements.

-- allie

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