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March 31, 2012


My mind is on Spring. Fresh air, open windows, bright flowers, and finally enjoying the outdoors without a parka on -- preferably with these lining my deck.


The Glowing Gregg from Foscarini. Made from free-blown glass and available in 3 sizes, Foscarini describes Gregg with the loving language of a parent: “An organic, elegant and familiar shape that does not use pure geometry as its point of reference.”

Maybe the Easter bunny will drop a few in my basket.

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February 15, 2012

Dono Lamps

Crystal light

I usually cringe at the word "crystal," but these are stunning. Maybe it's because I'm reading an Elizabeth Taylor, but I am desparate for them.

Dono Crystal Lamps by Fabbian

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November 13, 2011

Landing Lighting


As someone who trips over their own feet and frequently stumbles during midnight trips to the bathroom, I find the Landing Lighting design from Kim HyunJoo, with it's unique light omission, to be not only ingenius, but a neccessity.

More modern lighting

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September 22, 2011

Welcome Fall!

With the first day of Fall upon us, I thought it only fitting to warm things up a bit.

Thanks to Kindle Living, we no longer have to pack it away when the leaves change. The Allison over-sized outdoor lamp doubles as a patio heater.

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September 08, 2011

Blinded by the light

I am a self-proclaimed scaredy cat. While I live in a city, my property is surround by several large, beautiful trees -- perfect for creating shadows and, in my mind, hiding spots. If I could install stadium lighting around my home and not be in violation of several city codes, I would.

Instead of infuriating my neighbors and run the risk of being arrested, I would like to place these delightful light installations from Rotoluxe around my yard.


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August 16, 2011

UP Oversized Floor Lamps



Lucente unveils a couple of new oversized lamps for you, something that you can use indoors and outdoors as well. The UP oversized floor lamp are made from polyethylene and comes in white or ivory colors. The lamps make use of rotating molding technology and have a knitted accessory together with an embossed random spiral pattern.

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July 26, 2011

Garden Party

Walkover-lighting-twoToday it was FINALLY cool enough to do some much needed yard work. That's right - it broke 90 and we got down to business.

I am ashamed to admit that, for the past 3 years, my landscape and yard has been accessorized with the standard solar light that is sold in every major retail chain across the country. I'm not proud. It was a purchase made out of necessity.

As I pulled weeds, trimmed branches, and raked mulch, the crew was hard at work building a beautiful new porch onto my home.

Now I need beautiful accent lighting to match my new, streamlined yard.

The Walkover Lighting by Roberto Paoli for Serralunga are fresh, modern, and my new favorite!



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July 06, 2011

A new pendant

Lily-pendant Pendant lamps have been all the rage for the past few years -- and I have grown very, very tired of them. Here, is a slightly different pendant -- inspired by lily pads floating in water. The Lily Pendant Chandelier.


More lighting Modern-lamp

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June 27, 2011

Atypical Lamps


They seem like painting collages at first or perhaps some artsy sculptures that people use to spice up areas. But these are actually lamps that were designed to change the ambiance of rooms in a hurry.


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May 27, 2011

Street sense

Indoor-lamp-post Avant garde and grande, the La Lumiere Indoor Lamp Posts by Zin Gianluca and DDS standing over 83 inches tall and weigh 100 pounds each.

Available in glossy black or white, the diffuser is made of hand blown glass.

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