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October 08, 2008

2 Juicy, the Sexy Juicer


When you chop an orange in half, why squeeze the two pieces separately? Now you can squeeze both halves at the same time using both hands. I know some people who would see this and immediately be interested in juicing.

The 2 Juicy by Suck UK is available online for about $43.

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October 07, 2008

Dan Golden Modern Rugs


The Dan Golden rug collection is for true lovers of modern art who are will take risks with their interiors.

Golden has two series: one comic strip humor more prone to a desktop calender than a $120 per square foot rug; and the Sherman Oaks Series, which comes across as a mod tribute to folk art.

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October 03, 2008

Skulls in Interior Design


More evidence of interior design following fashion has reared its now skinless head. Skulls have made their way into interiors.

To wit - FLOR's new "trendy!" skull covered carpet tiles. Perfect for boys, punks, goths and this guy. If you're the type to buy a rug for a specific holiday, this is hands-down the perfect pick for Halloween.

The skull thing should be interesting for maybe another 4 months and then go the way of the antler.  Really, by the time a fashion trend makes its way into so-slow-to-catch-on interiors, it's already over.

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September 30, 2008

Readers Weigh In on Modern Lighting

Help! I've been casually looking for a chandelier to dress up my dark and dreary dining room.

It's open to the living room and its gigantic crystal thing I never would have bought but which has been here since the house was wired for electricity, and isn't leaving now.

So on the left, the living room. On the right, sad little dining room that needs some love (a rug, new chair covers, window coverings, color...).  The rooms are next to each other with pocket doors separating them, so each picture was taken while I was standing in the other room. Does this make sense?

N1412547592_38585_3880_2 Sad_dining_rom

OK. Well I think I found the pendant that wont set up a visual argument with old Bessie there. It's the Deco pendent with linen shade by Lights Up! This thing is fairly easy to find around the web for about $240. (Check Design Public for a wider collection from the line.)

Here it is:


I think it's a good way to recognize the past but bring it into the present. The shapes work together and it's so much more minimal. Now you've got to picture it with a little more life happening in the dining room too.

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September 24, 2008

Nail It, Once

872wallmarker Creating multiple nail holes just to hang a picture may become a thing of the past thanks to a new contraption that allows users to ‘nail it’ the first time. 

“The hardest part about hanging a picture is trying to figure out where to put the nail,” says Jeff Lombardo, who invented the WallMarker.

The WallMarker is a piece of chalk shaped like an arrow that has an adhesive side.  It’s designed to stick on the back of the picture at the center, to allow the picture to be positioned and eyeballed.  When the position is right, the picture can be pushed against the wall to create a chalk mark, which is the spot where the nail goes.  And the job’s done.

“If you make a mistake the chalk will easily wipe off the wall and save you from putting holes in the wall,” says Lombardo.  Which is a lot better than a hole.

And because the WallMarker can be used multiple times, the same device can be used again.

Lombardo says he came up with the idea after doing some work for family.

“My grandmother wanted me to hang a bunch of pictures for her in a straight line across the wall and I had to measure all the pictures to get them lined up perfectly,” says Lombardo.  “I thought to myself that there had to be a better way.”

WallMarker retails fro $2.99.

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September 11, 2008

Marsia Holzer

Every design snob has certain pet peeves.  For some it's "pillow shows," or hundreds of wedding photos on display. For me, it's driftwood. When is it appropriate to place the detritus of the sea on a living room table? Most often it looks dusty, dirty, or worse - country. Rarely does the look achieve the rustic feeling the decorator is reaching for. But, I often think, at least they didn't make it into a lamp. (That being said, Zia Priven has a gorgeous "driftwood" lamp.)

But now, Marsia Holzer gives me a product to make me rethink my ban on driftwood: the Driftwood Bench.


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September 05, 2008

Indoor Flower Garden


Tonfisk Design's KIIKKU.

Designed by Tanja Sipilä and Susanna Hoikkala KIIKKU consists of a walnut wood ladder from which hang four easily removable flower pots.

The design allows you to bring a bit of summer to your living room all year round.

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September 04, 2008

Modern Rosh Hashanah

20080712crw_8559_300 20080712crw_8587_300

The ancient Jewish observance of Rosh Hashanah gets a modern makeover with Talila Abraham's new serverware collection.

Drawing on traditional artistry, these pieces recreate old-world Eoropean lace patterns in woven stainless steel.

Made in Israel, available through ModernTribe.

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September 02, 2008

Fall trends -- Love It or Leave It?

Fall is coming! This is, without a doubt, my favorite time of year. Fall in Western New York seems magical. The air gets crisp, red and orange leaves crunch beneath your brown leather boots, wood-burning fires can be inhaled wherever you go. And let's not forget about pumpkins and cider.

As the scenery surrounding us changes, shouldn't the interior of our home?

I've been searching the web for fall decor trends and, after a trip to the mall, I don't think you have to look further than current fashion trends.

Bold florals were in abundance from dresses to blouses, orange is the hot vibrant hue, and purple seems to be the new black. Of course classic black and white is still abounding, and animal prints (much to my chagrin) were plastered on everything from skirts to sofas.

I'm not one for floral prints, but I love this one on Anthropolgie's Astrid Chair. Change out those legs with casters and I'm sold!



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August 29, 2008

Custom Modern Furniture

Customization continues to rule interior design, but is it always such an attractive quality?

Check out Customobili, a new line of upholstered seating with a customizable "medallion." Consumers can create their own look on each side of the large oval and turn it whenever the mood strikes. Or, they can have a slew of these "semi artesianal" pieces made. 

What do you think? Love it or leave it?

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