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August 27, 2008

New trends in Modern Design


Micro-trends (think antlers, silhouettes of chandeliers, "x" is the new black) are, as always, everywhere, and we'll show you a few of our favorites. But the real, overarching trend of not just the season but perhaps the decade is the big news: trend watchers say, brace yourself, that there is no trend.

Find out how to cope here.

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August 20, 2008

Modern Staircase

I think I may have found the all time best staircase. It's in the penthouse of The Gray in Milan. Every part of this boutique hotel (the first in Milan) screams modern, happy design, but the staircase takes it to a new level (sorry). Anyway, just look for yourselves.

Or book it yourselves, $648 per night.


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August 14, 2008

Tori and Dean -- Love it or leave it?

I have a guilty pleasure that I must confess to. I'm not proud of it... I'm a huge fan of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

Gasp, cringe, do what you must. But try to keep an open mind here.

The couple recently purchased a home and completely renovated it. Some rooms I adore, some need tweaking, and some are so offensive to my eyes that I quickly look away. What do you think?

The kitchen before -- simple, clean and warm.


The kitchen after -- new color scheme, bit more glam.



Which do you prefer?

Now this is one of the rooms that offends. It's loud. It's tacky. It's pink - very, very pink. So tell me -- would you place your sweet little baby girl in this nursery?




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August 12, 2008

Get a little wild

Fun! Very, very fun! Not sure how functional it is (I prefer my seating to be a little more constructed), but definitely fun.


The FatBoy beanbag chair by Jukka Setälä is vibrant and whimsical. Thoughts?


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August 11, 2008

Vanity Easy Chair

How do you dress up a simple, white chair?


WIS Design decided to simply cover it in reused leather from old jackets!

The Vanity Easy Chair -- Love it or leave it? Comment below.


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August 05, 2008

One Good Chair


With all the hullabaloo around Green Design, the goal of the One Good Chair competition, to needle designers into creating a simple, eco-friendly chair, seems like a relatively easy task. But that perception is deceptive, as the winning entries reveal.

The Competition charges entrants with creating a chair that's environmentally sound from from the production phase onward and which focuses on form...

What kind of shapes can minimize resources while maximizing comfort and enjoyment? How can design integrate ecology and ergonomics? Your design should demonstrate a new attitude toward an old problem. Transcend basic green standards by transforming the very nature of the chair. Show us how inventive you can be. Push the envelope. Knock our socks off.

And the winners did. Find out more about the chairs at OneGoodChair.


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August 01, 2008

Modern Curtain Tiebacks


2_2Individually handmade tie backs by Rémy Lemoine  luxuriously draw back drapes in fluid, luxurious curves. Lemoine's latest creation, a custom piece, is the Sogni tieback. Made of straw, but inlaid using marquetry techniques, the tieback holds interest with an eggshell-like finish and subtle color variations.

Lemoine's custom tiebacks start at €200.

Find them through bisson-bruneel.

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July 31, 2008

Baby Hammock

Esside_3 For eco-minded parents praying for a good night's rest for themselves and their babies, the Kanoe Hammock can be a lifesaver.  It's organically made, recreates the comfort and soft motion of the womb and has great design sensibility.

It comes with a spring calibrated for kids who weigh between 10 and 30 pounds and another spring for weights 30 -50 lbs. will soon be available. After that, it's time for the the first "big" bed anyway.

For those worried that jr will climb out, you're right, he probably will at some point. Just be glad he wont suffer the fall from a crib.  Once you're little one is strong enough to come and go as he pleases, just adjust the Kanoe so it hangs only a few inches over the floor.

The hammock can be tossed in the machine, and the organically grown cotton will not off gas, unlike a shiny new crib.

My bet? Kanoe's a rising star. $290.

Find out more through Kanoe.

What do you think? Let us know...

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July 23, 2008

Zig Zag Chair

Source For anyone who loves optical illusions, the Zig Zag chair from LYX by Michael Malmborg is a must see. This unique chair has no beginning and no end. The design concept is the same as when you write a complete sentence without lifting the pen. This serpent inspired lounge chair almost forces the spectator to examine it closely. And despite its abstract look, it’s quite comfortable. The strong aluminum alloy frame and a thick layer of supporting foam, it perfectly balances the weight of anyone who dares.


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July 21, 2008

Modern Lounge

Image003 The limited edition Ribbow chaise lounge was created by Hong Kong based designer Kitman Keung. The name Ribbow derives from the sensuous curves of a ribbon and the gradations of colour in a rainbow. Its robust metal skeleton is coated with luscious two tone yellow and purple felt, making the Ribbow visually unique from every angle.

Image004Made out of recycled wool, the material goes through an extensive treatment and dying procedure before being woven with a "Koza", a specialized tool that gives the velvet exceptional comfort and durability. Each Ribbow is handmade and assembled over five days with prodigious attention to detail.

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