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August 03, 2010

Modern wood furniture

Bright colors and simplistic design inspired by rural carpenters equals rural modern -- and my new favorite!

-- allieRed-modern-wood-bed


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July 24, 2010

The modern man's apartment

Modern-man-apartment-5 Check out the interior design firm who is transforming the modern man's apartment!

Read Men in Black

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June 18, 2010

Modern Design for your Car

A cute bag that hangs over your stick shift will keep the clutter of receipts and wrappers from trashing your ride. The Auto Trash by Allyson Hill comes in a carload of prints and features an adjustable strap for added hanging options.

$19 at Allyson Hill's Shop.

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June 08, 2010

Modern seating from Karim Rashid, B&B Italia and more!

D 1 From stools to sofas, modern seating comes in all shapes and sizes.

Read A Medley of Modern Seating

-- allie


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Living Walls - Green Gardening Indoors

Living-walls-indoor-wall-planterWe loved the recent NY Times piece on garden walls. It showed over-the-top indoor plantings from experienced green-thumbs with money to spend on their indoor wall gardens. Check out the slideshow on garden walls here.

But to see indoor wall plantings anyone with minimal gardening experience and minimal discretionary cash can create, go no further than Pure Contemporary's recent piece on living, green, planted walls

And, check out these mod and modern planters...

  Vintage-modern-planter-stand-mid-modern    Karim-rashid-plomb-modern-planter


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June 07, 2010

Modern Modular Outdoor Furniture


This new modular furniture collection from Fischer Möbel can be stacked up to create avant-garde pieces or spread out for a more Zen look.

The Univers collection is made from high-density foam coated in a weatherproof rubber-like paint. The result is an easy to maneuver module that's squishy, comfortable and perfect for heavy indoor or even outdoor use. 

For more modern outdoor furniture, check out these...

  Beluga-chaise-ergonomic-outdoor-modern-furniture Modern-outdoor-canopy-bench   Modern-outdoor-shower-teak-floor 

More Modular furniture...

  Modern-modular-sofa-couch-normand-couture   Fitting-bookshelves-pyramid-traingle-modular-wall-shelves-modern   Modern-modular-sofa

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June 02, 2010

Upcycled Gym Floor becomes Modern Cabinet

Pine-full-court-1 Remember the hardwood? The squeak of a sneaker. The sound of the whistle. That last second shot. The Gymnasium collection takes its inspiration from a simpler time in our lives when victories were measured on scoreboards and teamwork wasn't just for meetings.

The first incarnation of this line was launched in 2008 with the high school history lesson series. Created from recycled gym floorboards, this limited edition collection used the graphic lines and simple silhouettes of the court to pay tribute to the simplicity and spirit of sport.

Today, it reinvents itself as Gymnasium, a mass-produced series that uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials like renewable pine and controlled Danish oak with water-based fixatives and varnishes. The result is a brilliant series crafted by Denmark's oldest cabinet makers Bruno Hansen carpentry.

Like its predecessor, Gymnasium honors its past while investing in the future. For every piece purchased, mater donates a percentage of the future. For every piece purchased, mater donates a percentage of the profits to promoting sports in developing countries, allowing a new generation to be inspired to play and create.

Available in three options (pine shown) and in the US in Manhattan, Brooklyn and LA at

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May 24, 2010

You're probably sitting down right now...

Stylex_SAVA_task_white topOffice workers spend a third of the day sitting, whether in a heads-down mode or interacting with others. This is creating higher expectations for performance seating, and we've got a slew of ergonomic chairs that meet all your working needs, including Sava, the new launch from Stylex, and these modern desk, office and task chairs.

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May 05, 2010

Eco-friendly Wooden bookshelves


For Amy Hunting, over 20 different varieties of wood presented a solution, not a collection for the trash bin. She strung them together using a rope and a classic sailor's not to create the plank shelf. Great for the green-conscious and nomads - just unslip the knot to disassemble. 

More eco-friendly modern design:

10674   10900

And independent modern designers...


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May 04, 2010

Seeing Light Bulbs

A new study found that seeing light bulbs actually spurs bright ideas. It immediately made me think of the now iconic 1993 Droog design, 85 Lamps, by Dutchman Rody Graumans. Its 85 bulbs could incite a veritable mind riot. Pick one up at Unica Home for $3,796.

Or, go the $299 route, with the still inspiring 10 bulb version from Z Gallerie, the Loft Chandelier. Less pricey, less energy. Less enlightenment? You decide.


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